Yik Yak breeds rumors and cyberbullying

Over the last few years, social media has become a place for many to share opinions quickly, publicly and — in many cases — without immediate consequences. Apps such as Yik Yak, however, have taken things further by allowing users to post messages anonymously, a move that opens the door to hateful rumors, bullying and […]

Candidate Neel Kashkari is more than just an underdog

California’s gubernatorial election is just two months away. Currently leading by 21 points among likely voters, Democratic incumbent Jerry Brown holds the edge over Republican challenger Neel Kashkari. The odds, due to everything from finance to experience, are stacked at staggering heights against Kashkari, but the public shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss him as […]

Republican challenger stands no chance against Gov. Brown

California Gov. Jerry Brown’s approval rating currently stands at 58 percent, and if polling is any indication, that won’t be changing any time soon. A recent poll conducted by the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences and the Los Angeles Times found that the incumbent governor, as he seeks an unprecedented fourth term, […]

Ray Rice case draws needed attention to domestic violence

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t understand football, which seems blasphemous at a place like USC. I do, however, enjoy the feeling of unity between everyone while watching a game and shouting expletives at the other team. When we win, strangers jump up and down and give each other hugs, as if […]

Congress must speak up on its war powers

For Congress, it is rare for the mere act of voting to become more significant than the outcome of that vote. If the United States is to take significant military action against the Islamic State, they must do so with authorization from Congress. To allow anything else, including the unbridled and open-ended conflict that President […]

American companies need to stop resorting to tax inversions

Recently, major American brand companies, most notably Burger King and pharmaceutical company Mylan, have been able to avoid U.S. taxes through tax inversions. Brought under fire because of the recent news, tax inversions are best known as loopholes corporations use to avoid U.S. taxes by merging with foreign companies and shifting their headquarters abroad. The […]

Starbucks needs to be mindful of customers with service dogs

Few understand the overall impact a service dog has on a person with physical disabilities. Some service dogs have the ability to sense when a seizure is coming for their owners, while others can help their blind owners cross the street safely. It is appalling when some businesses refuse to acknowledge such animals, and worse, […]

“Welcome to the ‘Islamic State’ land” not effective in delivery

Run, do not walk, to ISIS Land.” This is how “Welcome to the ‘Islamic State’ land” begins. The gruesome 69-second video goes on to show some of ISIS’s most graphic footage, depicting everything from militants killing individuals at point-blank range to suicide bombings and beheadings. Set against a backdrop of eerie music, the footage of […]

State Department video gives ISIS a taste of its own medicine

The State Department recently released “Welcome to the ‘Islamic State’ land (ISIS/ISIL),” an anti-ISIS video mocking the terrorist group’s recruitment strategies. Criticized for featuring grisly and upsetting content, the video is nonetheless a step forward in combatting ISIS and its powerful social media machine. The video is a part of the “Think Again, Turn Away” […]

Dramatizing Supreme Court decisions poses many risks

There is danger in making political headlines sound more significant than they are. This week’s example comes from an article published by Slate that attempts to scare the living daylights out of Americans by criticizing a recent Supreme Court decision limiting the Fifth Amendment, which outlines, among other things, an American citizen’s right to not […]