POINT: Freedom of expression needs to be defended

On Jan. 7, 12 people who worked for Paris-based satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo were shot dead by Islamic extremists, with others sustaining brutal injuries. According to Los Angeles Times, the two gunmen aimed to “avenge the prophet Mohammed,” as Charlie Hebdo had released publications over the years sardonically critiquing the religion. In their attack that […]

Netanyahu’s decision to dissolve Parliament will do Israel good

This week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a series of major political changes: He dismissed two senior ministers from his cabinet, dissolved Parliament and called for early elections to form a new government. With elections now on the immediate horizon, Israelis have an opportunity to elect a new government that will feature new leadership […]

Online apologies like Lauten’s breed insincerity

In the digital age, formal methods of communication are disappearing one after another — after all, emailing and texting have already begun replacing letters and phone calls. Though advances in technology do bring a host of benefits, they also enable other developments that are less admirable — in particular, the online social media apology.   […]

Tech campaigns that promote ethical consumerism fall short

As the holidays jingle in, the newest color of the season seems to be Apple (RED). In an unprecedented two-week campaign that began Nov. 24, tech giant Apple Inc. will be donating a portion of its holiday sales from retail and online stores to (PRODUCT) RED, a licensed brand with a mission to rid the […]

Apple’s (RED) has potential to make a tangible difference

Yesterday, while most companies aggressively marketed Cyber Monday deals, tech giant Apple rang in the holiday season with a new initiative that promises to make its customers inspi(RED).   The corporation launched its two-week campaign PRODUCT (RED) on Nov. 24, pledging to donate a portion of all its in-store and online purchases on certain days, […]

The President’s executive action constitutes a big step forward

On Thursday, President Barack Obama unveiled executive action that could offer protection for about 4 million from deportation in the United States. Under the plan, those eligible would be required to register themselves with the government, undergo a federal background check and begin paying taxes in exchange for a protected status from deportation for up to three years.