Women’s advocacy must start with language

We have more than one million words in the English language, according to the Global Language Monitor. These words have the power to cajole, to persuade, to encourage.   But at times, we fail to recognize that our words have the power to transform the course of a topic as heavy as women’s rights. A […]

Advertisement legislation limits too broad to enforce

On Wednesday, a group of senators led by Sen. Barbara Boxer introduced the Protecting Children from Electronic Cigarette Advertising Act to prohibit the marketing of e-cigarettes to children. Such a bill would give the Federal Trade Commission the power to determine what constitutes inappropriate marketing to children, which would then be translated into a ban […]

E-cigarette marketing must be geared away from youth

Though electronic cigarettes are a hot trend, one thing is for sure: They shouldn’t be on the rise among youth. On Wednesday, five U.S. senators introduced legislation to prohibit marketing of electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, to children and teens. The Protecting Children from Electronic Cigarette Act, penned by Sen. Barbara Boxer, addresses the […]

United States must learn from Afghanistan failure

President Barack Obama is about to join Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Lord Auckland and Leonid Brezhnev in a very exclusive club that only adds a new member every few decades: world leaders who have tried and failed to successfully invade and reshape Afghanistan, referred to in the history books as “the graveyard of empires.” […]

Campuses must encourage support systems

Support systems are crucial in college. From the financial support of family members to the moral support of friends, a network of caring people will make the rigor and stresses of college more manageable and enjoyable. A new proposal to create permanent Hindu prayer rooms on all U.S. college campuses should continue to extend the […]

Shows encourage misguided representation of politicians

For some, Valentine’s Day means flowers, chocolate and a dinner-date with a significant other. This was not the case for me, though I did partake in the purchase of some on-sale chocolate the next day. On Singles Awareness Day, I binge-watched the new second season of House of Cards, which Netflix released on Feb. 14. […]

Colleges must improve marketing of sexual assault resources

Imagine you’re a company owner and you’ve created a fabulous new line of toothpaste, but it’s doing terribly in stores. While Crest and Colgate fly off the shelves, your little shiny tubes remain. Then, it finally hits you: No matter how great a product is, it’s not going to matter if people don’t know about […]

California health care bill will serve as an economic burden

Since the launch of the Affordable Care Act last October, 625,000 Californians have been enrolled in health care plans, with more than 1.2 million Californians enrolling in the state’s Medicaid program, Medi-Cal, according to Time. Despite the state’s progress in implementing the new health care options, a significant part of California’s population is still without […]

State must extend health care to undocumented immigrants

Lately, there’s been a wave of change sweeping through California, granting increased privileges and rights to undocumented immigrants. In September 2013, the state assembly voted 55-19 to allow the state’s undocumented immigrants the right to receive drivers’ licenses. In October 2013, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law allowing them to obtain law licenses. A bill […]

Condemnation of Kansas law offers hope

In a new book titled The Right Path, former Republican Congressman and current MSNBC host Joe Scarborough lays out a vision for politics, and the Republican party in particular, that is based not on ideology, but on pragmatism. The more ideological a particular candidate becomes, Scarborough argues, the more successful they become within their own […]