Historically black colleges should not lose relevance

As the nation continues to mark the achievements and contributions of African Americans in the celebration of Black History Month, the historically black colleges and universities that educated and fostered many legendary African Americans, such as civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, are struggling to maintain their […]

Flappy Bird demise will lead to more game apps

Fifty million downloads and months of frustration later, Vietnamese game designer Dong Nguyen pulled the plug on his popular Flappy Bird application, according to Slate. Though many attribute the mania behind the game as enough reason for it to go, the fact of the matter is that this isn’t about Flappy Bird — it’s about […]

Flappy Bird app’s fall a silver lining for society

After weeks of soaring, the notorious Flappy Bird has been grounded at last.   This past weekend, the smash hit game was taken down  from app stores after game designer Dong Nguyen tweeted, “I cannot take this anymore.” What exactly could Nguyen not take anymore? From a cursory glance at his Twitter account, it was […]

House right to raise debt ceiling

When Congress concluded the last session of 2013 with the passage of a budget, lightning struck once. It was a sign that the government was ready to move forward with common sense funding at regular intervals, a stark contrast to the last three years of stop-gap budget measures that created calamitous debates about government shutting […]

Tenure reform must focus on students, not teachers

Vergara vs. California, a case currently being argued in an L.A. courthouse, could reshape the relationship between students, teachers and schools. The lawsuit, which was filed on behalf of nine students in the Los Angeles Unified School District, seeks to revamp the teacher dismissal and tenure process in the district, according to the Los Angeles […]

‘Thigh gap’ sets harmful body image standards

This might be a slightly contentious thing to say, but my favorite social media platform is Tumblr. Unlike Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, my real name and personal life does not necessarily need to be attached to Tumblr. In this digital age where everyone is so easily identified online, it’s nice to hold on to some […]

Women’s sports deserve equal attention

Ask me the score of the UCLA vs. USC basketball game that took place this weekend and I’ll tell you. USC lost to our crosstown rivals 83 to 73. I know this because I was there, sitting through every gut-wrenching moment when the Westwood team took the wind out of the Trojans. On that same […]

Cigarette ban unlikely to propel great change

CVS Caremark, one of the largest drugstore chains in the nation, announced Wednesday that it would halt its sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products by October in an attempt to live up to its role as one of the leading healthcare providers in country, according to The New York Times. As well-intentioned as this […]

Tobacco ban promises positive improvement

CVS Caremark announced Wednesday that it will stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products by Oct. 1. The decision shows CVS’ corporate courage that prompts the growing need for drugstores to step up as today’s healthcare providers — institutions that are wholeheartedly committed to health, not just finances.   Having cigarettes available in pharmacies has […]

Congressional Budget reports distort ObamaCare facts

A brief story illustrates the problem that arises when causation and correlation are mixed together. Take for example the tale of the misguided czar, who noticed that the province in his kingdom with the highest rates of sickness was also the province that contained the most doctors. His solution? He ordered that all of the doctors […]