Idea behind Time’s word poll is skewed

May the odds be ever in your favor, because several of 2014’s favorite words are entering a virtual Hunger Games. There’s a catch, though. Rather than bringing glory to its home district, the winning word will be the one with the most notoriety. On Nov. 12, Time magazine published its fourth annual word banishment poll. […]

In response to “The University needs to revive student activism”

In our Sept. 28 Letter to the Editor (“The University needs to revive student activism”), we lamented the lack of student activism on campus and called for more cooperation among student organizations and greater involvement by all students in general. Our article, rather unsurprisingly, was met with various challenges, most of which we believe are […]

Net neutrality should be protected at all costs

Net neutrality is under attack in the United States. If you don’t know what net neutrality is, or why you should care, answer the following question: Why are you reading this? You might think, “Because I clicked on the link,” or “Because the headline looked interesting.” All the above are reasons you want to read […]

Mental health care at USC needs reform

Between the million dollars in funding from donors and alumni and the high tuition rates, health services on campus are expected to be impressive. Reality, however, doesn’t reflect the standards. The care for mental health offered by counseling services in the Engemann Student Health Center is inadequate and ill-equipped to take care of students suffering […]