ALS Association brings many together to make a difference

Nominate a friend, stimulate global awareness and provide a monetary donation — all this for a good cause and some fun? Sounds like a great idea. For most. Perhaps the question of greater importance is whether the positive outcomes of the ice bucket challenge can outweigh the negative. For this cause, the end does justify […]

Ice bucket challenge’s goal to raise awareness lost in the hype

Late July marked the emergence of the now-worldwide phenomenon, the ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Association’s “ice bucket challenge.” Though the numbers might point to a win for the 30,000 suffering from ALS, there are many consequences ignored by the public, most notably insincere activism that does little to promote awareness through education. The origin of […]

More needed to end campus sexual assault

“Boys will be boys!” It’s a seemingly harmless expression that calls to mind images of laughing parents dismissing their sons’ horseplay. Within the context of the ongoing issue of sexual assault on campus, however, this phrase gains eerie new significance. Boys will be boys — in other words, it is in their nature to take […]