Society must empower female leaders

This past weekend, I had the unique privilege of serving as a panelist at the Young Women’s Political & Civic Leadership Program, hosted by USC’s Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics. Over the course of the hour, I shared what motivated me to run for office at our university with a room full of bright-eyed […]

Facebook’s ‘Nearby Friends’ undermines online privacy

Privacy has become a thing of the past with the onset of social media. With every tweet, Instagram post and Facebook check-in, we invite fellow social media users to know more about our lives. But even with the multitude of social media features, there must be limits.   Such limits were crossed Monday when Facebook […]

‘Nearby Friends’ application fosters face-to-face interaction

These days, one of the biggest complaints about social media revolves around its effects on the state of our social and communication skills. Yet with the new Facebook feature “Nearby Friends,” things are looking up for face-to-face — rather than face-to-screen — conversation.   Announced Monday, Nearby Friends is a location tracker app that allows […]

SCOTUS ruling on affirmative action a detrimental step

The Supreme Court has the double-edged task of preventing the tyranny of both the majority and the minority from infringing on the Constitutional principles enshrined in law for more than 200 years. When the Court places too much faith in either of these bodies, democracy runs afoul of its true purpose at best and has […]

Schools should not threaten suspension carelessly

Suspension. It has to be one of the scariest words a student can hear, right next to expulsion, that is. A suspension is usually handed down after a student has violated school code and possibly put his or her peers in danger, therefore leading to that student being temporarily prohibited from school grounds and classes. […]

Lil Dicky: “A very serious combination of funny and serious”

It’s hardest to describe a cultural phenomenon from the very middle of its trajectory. Not enough time has passed for hindsight to accurately characterize its origins, and its future remains distressingly uncertain, particularly for its primary stakeholders. The rapper Lil Dicky finds himself in just such a position at the moment; profoundly validated by his […]

USG responds to Greek tax resolution

As members of the Undergraduate Student Government Senate, we wish to address the concerns raised by Tara Campbell in Eric Wendorf’s article “USG Senate rejects tax resolution.” USG’s mission is to represent and advocate on behalf of the entire undergraduate population. No benefit for any group in the student body, regardless of size, is too […]