Point/Counterpoint: Hurricane Sandy and Election 2012

Elena Kadvany: Point In 1972, the political term “October surprise” was coined. Twelve days before the presidential election between former president Richard Nixon and then-Sen. George McGovern, then-National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger announced that “peace was at hand” in Vietnam, changing the game on a crucial election issue that might have swayed many voters’ decisions […]

Warmer or not, planet needs care

For us average Americans, the existence — or absence — of genuine climate change shouldn’t hold too much sway over our actions. Responsibility toward our environment should be practiced regardless of this single negative consequence.

Global warming does not have political ties

On most mornings, I leave my apartment looking forward to the day ahead of me. I swing open the front door and mount my bike, eager to ride through campus on a beautiful Southern California day. That is, until I notice a haze dulling the morning sky. Alas, I try to convince myself that it’s […]