Non-Greeks can still maintain a social life

Going Greek remains a part of the college cliché: Join a house, get wasted every weekend, schlep your way through classes and make lifelong friends — essentially, Animal House but in real life. Last week, an article from a website called Betches Love This highlighted USC as a top national school, worthy of the “betchiest […]

Officers involved in shooting near 30th and Figueroa streets

A DPS-involved shooting occurred on West 30th Street near the intersection of Shrine Place after officers confronted a robbery suspect on Wednesday at 12:40 a.m., according to Dept. of Public Safety Capt. David Carlisle. [Update 3:11 a.m.] Two male and two female students were walking westbound on 28th Street from Figueroa Street when a black male suspect […]

Letter to the editor

The administration should create bike paths on campus.  Biking is the fastest way to get to class at USC. Many of us bike down Ellendale Place, turn left on Jefferson Boulevard and bike across the intersection at McClintock Avenue. Do you wonder if there are police waiting to give you a ticket for riding your […]