Nation must help foreign doctors

The shortage of doctors is a real dilemma nowadays, especially under the Affordable Care Act. And in the coming years, this dearth of doctors will only be exacerbated. Though there will be 30 million more citizens insured for healthcare, there will not be enough professionals ready to give that care. This is a critical misstep […]

In Photos: Engemann Student Health Center

USC opened the Engemann Student Health Center on Jan. 4, located on West 34th St. next to Parking Structure B. The center offers more health services, such as more immunizations and faster service from doctors, to meet the growing demand of the student population. The center also offers a range of new facilities, such as […]

Healthier relationship would benefit all

Last winter break, an executive manager of a large, highly respected hospital in South Dakota jokingly told me “you are more likely to be killed by misdiagnosis from your family doctor than by your anesthesiologist.” Aside from the specialists, most of the doctors at the University Park Health Center are in family practice, trained to […]