Feminist movement could prove counterproductive

Syria is known as being a fairly progressive Islamic nation. Women wear jeans and go to school, and although they might not be considered entirely equal to men, they certainly enjoy a position of greater social power than their peers in countries such as Afghanistan. Today, Syrian women are challenging the presumption that feminism and […]

Chavez speaks loudly and carries a big drum

Hugo Chavez is looking for attention again. The Venezuelan president is known for his frequent politically charged outbursts, which in the past have included calling George W. Bush “the devil” and touting socialism as the true path to economic success. Since President Barack Obama’s election, Chavez has taken a much warmer attitude toward the United […]

Bill will ultimately benefit students

Now that the House has passed the Affordable Health Care for America Act, Americans are faced with the increasingly real possibility of health care reform. The Senate’s version of the bill will face extensive changes before it is ultimately made law. Nevertheless, based on the current plan it is possible to predict that, although health […]

Global watchdog oversteps bounds

There are a lot of theoretical arguments these days about how much power non-state actors can legitimately wield in a globalized world. Last week, a panel of French judges made a decision strongly in favor of traditional sovereignty, throwing out a case led by Transparency International and human rights group Sherpa before its first hearing. […]

Pope makes savvy move to liberalize church

Last week Pope Benedict XVI announced the creation of a new policy, the Apostolic Constitution, which allows Anglicans to enter the Roman Catholic Church while maintaining their traditions. This unprecedented measure caught the world by surprise, sparking much speculation about the policy’s motives and consequences. The pope’s nuanced strategy will further engrain the church’s current […]

British court values human rights over diplomacy

Last week, the British court ruled in favor of releasing US intelligence documents on Guantanamo Bay torture cases, sparking an international uproar. Of course, there are the real-world issues of whether or not releasing the documents could compromise the “special relationship” that Britain enjoys with the United States. More important in this case, however, is […]

Demise of small banks an undervalued threat

It wasn’t so long ago that Washington bailed out the largest banks in the United States, prompting a wave of criticism from many quarters. But today, the banking system is seeing the effects of non-intervention, which has allowed for the collapse of 100 small American banks in 2009 alone. With these developments, the small bank […]

Fight stereotypes, let feds fight terrorism

Two recent high-profile terror cases have made the chilling reality that terrorism is still a threat all too clear. The first was an al-Qaida suicide bombing attempt on a Saudi prince. The assailant was able to get close enough to actually blow himself up in the same room as the Saudi leader. His method? Hiding […]

US would benefit from supporting global tax

France is stepping up again on an issue that is unlikely to be accepted by the United States or Britain. French President Nicolas Sarkozy is pressing for leaders at the upcoming G20 summit to consider a worldwide tax on every financial transaction, the proceeds from which would be used to fund global public goods. While […]

Journalist wages honorable fight for transparency

It feels a little indulgent for one journalist to jump to the defense of another when full disclosure gets a colleague into trouble. Not all journalists exercise good judgment when they choose to release confidential information, and, in some cases, they deserve to face the consequences. In the past, some journalists have been known to […]