64th Primetime Emmy Awards Predictions

Though the Oscars have always been the most buzzed-about event of awards season — and likely will be for the foreseeable future — they might no longer be the most important. Long thought to be out of touch and subject to the whims of Academy politics, the ceremony’s self-righteous sanctimony and lack of any real […]

Eighties film remakes rely on pre-existing fanbases

There’s nothing inherently wrong with retelling an old story. Shakespeare did it all the time — even in famous plays like Hamlet and King Lear — and he rarely gets dismissed for a lack of originality. Sure, it might be tempting to call the Bard an exception to the rule, but the truth is that […]

Vintage fashion offers students many options

Vintage is unstoppable. From daily life to the red carpet this trend is dominating the scenes. It’s everywhere: high-wasted shorts, sunglasses, sweaters with logos and floor length dresses. Vintage differentiates itself from other trends, however, as it is a skill to find it and wear it well. For a more hands on approach, spend some […]

Auteurship gives dull cinema style, flair

With a slew of remakes and sequels dominating theaters, modern cinema is seemingly devoid of originality. Many films could escape this fate, but they lack the creative drive necessary for a unique voice — they lack auteurship. The auteur theory suggests that a film’s originality, in large part, stems from the director, the driving creative […]

Museum of Death pays tribute to more than the dead

Not many parking signs in Los Angeles bear the words “Death Customers Only.” But it’s only fitting considering the realm said “death customer” will enter. Once you come face to face with a giant skull, you’re only steps away from entering Hollywood’s Museum of Death. Be warned: This isn’t a Universal Studios tour bus stop […]

Gallery presents rare glimpses of cultural icons

Certain figures’ legacies have survived decades of new movies, new hit songs and new famous faces, remaining bona fide icons whose fame continues today despite the passage of time: Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger. These names and others have managed to stay in the pop culture dialogue. For many Angelenos, the […]