Condom conundrums have simple solutions

Male condoms, like penises, come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are longer, shorter, wider or thinner. So why do condoms have a bad “wrap?” We’ve all heard the excuses: They’re annoying, uncomfortable, expensive and even unnecessary when coupled with oral contraceptives. In a study of college women from a Southern Californian university, “Negative […]

STI tests shouldn’t be sources of shame

The process of getting tested for a sexually transmitted infection isn’t sexy. Though getting blood drawn and peeing into a cup in a doctor’s office is sterile, it doesn’t generate warm, fuzzy feelings. And sexually transmitted infections bring to mind painful sores and embarrassment. But someone who regularly gets tested is responsible. That’s attractive. Each […]

Eating disorders call for community solutions

Who isn’t afraid of the freshman 15? Of all the myths of college life, this supposed weight gain haunts university freshmen most when they step onto campus. It drives students to go to the Lyon Center every day or buy salads at Seeds Marketplace instead of orange chicken at Panda Express. Generally, maintaining a normal […]


Diane Medsker, a health educator at the Office for Wellness and Health Promotion, asks Karim Sacre, a graduate student studying computer science, to walk his bike on Trousdale Parkway. Student Affairs kicked off its ‘We are Considerate. We are USC.’  campaign last Tuesday with an email to all students.