Previewing the 2012 Presidential Race

After today’s elections wrap up, the presidential race will officially take the spotlight, with the Iowa caucuses Jan. 3, the New Hampshire primaries Jan. 10 and the general election Nov. 6. Here, we profile the important candidates.

Proposal beneficial to adolescent health

The word “mandate” sounds harsh and carries negative connotations; it denotes force and the disposal of independence. “Mandate,” therefore, is a word Americans detest — we never want anyone, let alone the government, to infringe upon our rights, and rightly so. With that said, my ears perked up when I read that Gov. Rick Perry […]

Wildfires continue to burn through Texas

Wednesday marks the 296th straight day of wildfires blazing across Texas. Approximately 181 fires have burned throughout the state this week, torching more than 120,000 acres and 1,000 homes. Record-setting drought and humidity in the state has formed ideal conditions for the raging wildfires, enlisting 2,000 firefighters in an attempt to stop them. The fires […]