After a volatile week of fighting between Israelis and Palestinians, students in support of Palestine (left) held a rally by Tommy Trojan on Monday. In response, students supporting Israel (right) held flags and signs across from the rally. Reactions to the gatherings ranged from confusion to support.


USC employees cover Tommy Trojan in a tarp and duct tape Monday to protect the statue from potential vandalism from UCLA fans. The statues of George Tirebiter and Traveler were also boxed and taped, and will be guarded by members of the Trojan Knights throughout the week.

Launchfest should have better publicized Christian mission

Last week’s Christian concert series, dubbed Launchfest, received a phenomenal wave of support on campus. According to the Daily Trojan, “More than 1,000 people RSVPed on the Facebook event and the crowd size at Tommy Trojan reached 400 people in midday heat.” Yet, the lack of advertising for the religious mission meant some people undoubtedly […]

One Fan’s Spring Game Experience Puts Things In Perspective

The highlight of Saturday’s spring game did not involve football. It wasn’t the touchdown that senior quarterback Matt Barkley threw to sophomore receiver Marqise Lee in the corner of the end zone. It wasn’t the pair of interceptions that senior cornerback Isiah Wiley made either. No, it happened when the Trojans stood around with their […]

Empowered words

Simbree Touchstone, a junior majoring in gender studies, reads a poem in front of Tommy Trojan as part of Thursday’s Take Back the Night rally. The rally was the culmination of a week of events sponsored by Take Back the Week and the Women’s Student Assembly that aimed to raise sexual violence awareness at USC […]

April fools

Members of USC’s Wushu Nation perform an April Fool’s Day prank on students in front of Tommy Trojan on Sunday. A member of the group asked students to pick up a sword and the group pretended to fight the student using wushu, a modern form of Chinese martial arts.