Skull and Dagger succeeds in prank

Skull and Dagger prank USC students on Tuesday by holding a fake special announcement at Tommy Trojan, commemorating their 100 year anniversary. Current USG President Mikey Geragos introduced the event, with athletes Matt Barkley, Marqise Lee and Khaled Holmes announcing the prank.

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  1. Jeremy
    Jeremy says:

    Nah, this one was funny. All the ones in the past few years have been the same basic formula: promise students something cool for free, have them come to TT, and then say “GOTCHA LOLOLOLOLOL” At least this one took it in a different direction.

  2. me
    me says:

    Aren’t pranks meant to be funny? For the people not pranked at least… Who in the world would find this funny?? It’s just a weird thing to spend so much time doing.. Whatever happened to

  3. bob
    bob says:

    I’ve been enjoying Skull & Dagger’s pranks those past years that I’ve been at SC, and the one they pulled for coachella a few years ago was spectacular and funny, and pissed a lot of people off, which is the point of a prank. But THIS, on the other hand, is not a prank. It clearly was vetted by the administration, which is the opposite of what a prank should be.

    So, call it a celebration, a joke, and I’m glad their having fun, but if this was a prank, then this is a fail. Skull & Dagger, if you’re to honor your tradition, you shouldn’t ask for permission. I demand a redo!

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