eReaders refocus on critical reading skills

In honor of National Reading Month, this week retail giant offered a $20 discount on all Kindle models, slashing the price of the basic model to just $49. I used to think the Kindle was an idiotic device, or, at best, something you could read while holding a snifter in the other hand. With […]

Twitter expedites spoilers

It’s hard, sometimes, being a fan of television on the West Coast and being on Twitter. Perhaps no night is more difficult than Sunday during the hours leading up to a new episode of Mad Men or Breaking Bad. To put it bluntly — my feed becomes a giant scroll of spoilers. To their credit, […]

Myspace updates website to attract users

Just when everyone thought Myspace was dead and gone, the social network site launched a new version of Myspace: Myspace. Although the name for the upgraded Myspace has not changed at all, the website has a completely different design. Deviating from its old blue and orange layout, Myspace is now sleek and – dare I […]