Youth will not hinder freshman Barkley

They say when it comes to love, age is nothing but a number. But what about when it comes to the USC football team, which seems to have no qualms about starting an 18-year-old kid fresh out of high school? Considering that many Trojan fans pay more attention to this team than their lovers, I […]

Proper office attire a must in working world

Anyone who works in the world of 9-to-5 professionalism is forced to abide by a dress code with some basic rules that apply to employees all the way from Little Rock to the Big Apple. In many offices — my New Jersey law office included — the attire is set as “business casual.” The term […]

Songstress returns from musical hiatus with long-awaited album

It’s been a long time coming — four years to be exact — but Imogen Heap has finally released her third solo album, Ellipse. It’s an event comparable to the second coming for her devoted cult following, and boy, was it worth the wait. In recent years, the British electropop artist has become a ubiquitous, […]

Death of Shia leader leaves party in limbo

Thousands of mourners lined the streets Saturday morning to pay their respects to Shia leader Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, who died last week from lung cancer. Although he never chose to take an active political role within the central government, his role as leader of the major Shia group the United Iraqi Alliance, his influence and […]