USC drops to No. 12 in BCS rankings

The Trojans may have been shocked after getting dismantled by Oregon on Saturday, but their subsequent dropp in the BCS standings couldn’t have come as much of a surprise.

After getting rocked 47-20 in Autzen Stadium, USC fell from No. 5 to No. 12 in the BCS rankings. Oregon now has the inside track to the Rose Bowl, but the Trojans may still qualify for an at-large BCS bid if they win their remaining four games and stay in the top 14.

The Ducks moved up two spots thanks to their impressive effort, from No. 10 to No. 8. Oregon did not jump Boise State (No.7), however, who handed the Ducks their only loss in the first game of the season.

Florida remains the top-rated team in the nation, while Texas is the new No. 2, jumping Alabama, who now sits at No. 3.

Iowa held onto the No. 4 ranking, despite playing poorly for most of its win over Indiana. Cincinnati jumped up to No. 5, bypassing Boise State and TCU (No. 6). LSU and Georgia Tech round out the top 10.

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  1. Brad Hammer
    Brad Hammer says:

    You gotta love the ignorant fans who know nothing about to the sport, but to cry and whine because there team gets no respect. We earned that respect, we earned those ‘votes’ when we win 7 rose bowls 2 NC’s and 7 pac 10 titles…. your going to get a little leeway obviously, lets not be oblivious. I still feel like too many people talk about how we all think were invincible and we never lose. Talk to any USC fan about this year. Freshman quarterback, young defense, and just about everyone is hurt right now. Just because we did win for a long time, people automatically think all USC fans are errogant and mostly its just people who hate LA. Well, keeping hating people, your only giving USC fans pleasure by getting angry and whining. Also, if were such a terrible, overrated team, why does every team rush the field when they beat us? Will one team not rush the field and act as if they actually thought they would win the game? THAT would be refreshing

  2. USC Sucks
    USC Sucks says:

    How in the heck does usc only drop to #12??? this makes no sense. they always lose to an unranked team, and now they get blown out badly and are only 2 spots away from top 10??

    this is a conspiracy. usc sucks and their schedult is wack. they get votes just because of their name. and they can lose 5 games and the media/ poll voters would still keep them in the top 25. USC sucks. and if you are a USC Fan… in the words of chad ocho cinco… CHILD PLEASE!

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