Café 84 adds two international options

Striving to offer a better variety of food — specifically, international cuisine — USC Hospitality has opened two new restaurants to Café 84.

Choices · Students purchase a meal at Café 84’s newest addition, Wasabi Sushi. Daphne’s Greek Café has also been added to the venue’s roster. - Courtney Sandlin | Daily Trojan

Hospitality has added Daphne’s Greek Café and Wasabi Sushi, getting rid of The Grill to make space.

Director of Hospitality Kristian Klinger said the idea was conceived in November last year, and officials decided to do the work over winter break to avoid coinciding with the construction of the Ronald Tutor Campus Center, which will be in its final stages this summer.

“We will be pretty busy next summer with the campus center so we wouldn’t have as [many] resources available,” Klinger said. “This was the perfect time.”

Klinger said Wasabi Sushi was chosen because Hospitality received feedback from students that they wanted sushi options beyond the packaged, refrigerated sushi available around campus.

Hospitality is also aiming to turn Café 84 into a hub of international food, Klinger said, and he hopes the changes to the venue reflect this goal.

“It’s going to be more of an international facility; it’s very diverse and we want to continue to offer that,” Klinger said.

Café 84 was chosen for a face-lift because with The Lot closing at the end of the school year it was the only restaurant area that hosts multiple food vendors, Klinger said.

Aside from the two new eateries, Café 84’s look has changed slightly, incorporating new posters and menus. The restaurant has also added cereal and changed its pasta recipe.

Takako Lee, a senior majoring in communication, said she expects more people will start going to Café 84 with the new additions.

“I love sushi, so I’m excited there’s a new place to get it from,” Lee said.

Stephanie Shum, a junior majoring in business administration, said she is happy USC Hospitality is adding new options for students.

“It’s good because some of the things they had here they have at The Lot, so it was kind of redundant,” Shum said. “Restaurant variety allows students to eat at different spots on campus.”

Jonathan Igner, a senior majoring in business administration, said he believes these additions could have more people staying on campus to eat.

“It’s cool to have new options,” he said. “I’ve been here for four years, and you get tired of the same thing and you have to go off campus to get something different.”

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