Chevron gas station closing for housing unit

The Chevron gas station located at Figueroa Street and Exposition Boulevard shuts off its gas pumps today in preparation for the building of a new housing development.

Last call · Students will no longer be able to visit the Chevron gas station on Figueroa Street and Exposition Boulevard after today. A luxury housing unit, offering retail shops and 56 apartments, will replace the lot next to the Radisson Hotel. - Kelvin Kuo | Daily Trojan

The Icon Plaza, a six-story complex, will replace the gas station and offer luxury living amenities, such as a 24-hour concierge, spa and pool, in addition to laundry, maid and room services.

“We know that there’s some projects now, like University Gateway, so we want to have some shops that are complementary to the existing retail there,” said Billy Ruvelson, principal of The Icon Company. “Whatever retail we have will be community serving and whatever stuff is in demand by ’SC students and faculty.”

Ruvelson said the Icon Plaza will have “competitive pricing” with other housing in the area.

The 100,000 square-foot building will host several retail shops on the ground floor and 56 apartments. The the complex’s exterior will mimic other USC buildings.

“The design will be harmonious with the surrounding buildings. It’ll be architecturally interesting and respectful of the USC buildings surrounding it,” Ruvelson said.

The housing unit will provide up to 250 more beds for USC students.

“I think it’s a good thing that they’re adding housing because it’s expensive to live close to campus — that’s why I drive a few miles every day to get here,” said Julie Zhu, a senior majoring in economics.

The company building the housing development, Forward Progress Management Estate, Inc., controls several other apartments in the Los Angeles area, and is also developing three more properties for other colleges: two at UC Santa Barbara and one at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

“It’s a private company which will offer its own leases for housing students,” said Kristina Raspe, USC associate senior vice president for real estate and asset management.

Yet some students are unhappy with plans for the housing structure and will need to find an alternate station for gas.

“This is the closest gas station to USC,” said Gabrielle Lopez, a junior majoring in communication and a frequent customer of the station. “People are going to have to drive super far to get gas now, and there are other places that you could go build housing. I’m pissed off that they chose to do it here.”

Some Chevron employees said the current workers will probably be transferred nearby, to either the Chevron at Figueroa Street and Washington Boulevard or the station at Figueroa Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard.

The employees also said students come to the station often.

“I use this station every two to three days. It’s the only gas station I use really,” said Alex Uvimolchai, a junior majoring in business. “I pump gas here, fill my tires, buy some food in the mart. It’s very useful to have nearby.”

The Icon Company expects a timeline to be developed in the next month for construction of the 23,000 square-foot lot.

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  1. Tobias
    Tobias says:

    Seriously, there are definitely like 4 gas stations within 2 miles.The one at Vermont and Expo is like 30 feet farther away from the campus than the Fig/Expo one. And it’s much closer to where the majority of students live anyway. I say full speed ahead for more Transit-Oriented Development. What I want to know is when is construction supposed to begin?

  2. reader
    reader says:

    There’s a gas station at Hoover and 24th, one at Vermont and Adams, and a couple others as mentioned before. In fact, those stations are CHEAPER than the Chevron on Fig. Anyone who only goes to that gas station has literally not stepped more than 2 blocks outside of USC

    And who goes to the gas station every 2 to 3 days??

  3. Deshawn Helmick
    Deshawn Helmick says:

    Hopefully they put another Starbucks down there (we desperately need another one, the Hoover one is always out the door) and a Pinkberry!

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