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Skywriting poor use of funds

In response to the Aug. 27 article “Dedication ceremony commemorates opening” by Natalie Chau, I was alarmed to read that the Graduate and Professional Student Senate had purchased Ronald Tutor some skywriting as a gift.

While this generosity in normal circumstances should be applauded, one wonders at the wisdom of spending the money on a man who probably writes his Denny’s breakfast order in skywriting every day.

Although GPSS’ stimulus for the American skywriting industry might well help fend off low-cost competition from abroad, there are very many graduate students with more pressing concerns: printers that saw their glory days before Journey’s reformation with a new singer, conference registration fees that would make Ivanka Trump blush and a graduate student lounge (named to the tune of more G’s, but unable to exclude non-graduate students) that has mediocre coffee and a wall painted by someone seemingly in the mood for a dirty protest.

Could this money not have been put to better use?

Although I applaud the fiscal rectitude of a body that seemed to be running surpluses for years before the new Great Depression, these vanity projects would not be out of place in North Korea. Perhaps time to rethink some priorities?

Juvenal Cortez

Graduate student, politics and international relations

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  1. Johnny
    Johnny says:

    Juvenal makes a decent series of points here. Students are hard up: it is up to GPSS to help them out not spend money on stupid things.

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