BREAKING: Report: Obama coming to USC

University officials have confirmed that President Barack Obama will visit USC on Oct. 22.

Obama will make public remarks at McCarthy Quad at 1:30 p.m. that Friday in an event hosted by the USC Political Student Assembly, according to university spokesman James Grant.

Whispers of the visit originated earlier this week, but today they were verified.

Though there has not been word from the White House, the Los Angeles Times cited an unnamed source within the Democratic National Committee confirming that the president will “headline a rally” on campus that afternoon.

The Times reported that the president is expected to appear with U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, the California incumbent who is locked in a tight race with former Hewlett-Packard chief Carly Fiorina. The Times has also reported that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown is expected to attend the USC rally but not campaign individually with the president.

Grant confirmed the Democratic National Campaign has rented space on campus for a fundraiser for Boxer, but specified that it was a separate event from the McCarthy Quad rally and the the university was not providing any money for the fundraiser.

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  1. Michael Mitchell
    Michael Mitchell says:

    Wow, first made boy Pat Haden runs Indymac Bank into the second largest fiasco in US history and then made boy Obama runs the united States of America into the ground. What are you boys going to do now? “IWe’re going to USC, and then Riordan’s Pantry for some chicken and waffles”

  2. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    Very exciting. I managed to stop by the Clinton rally and was thoroughly impressed by the turnout, though somewhat ill at ease in enemy territory. I don’t agree with many of this President’s policies, but I am nevertheless thrilled to hear that he has chosen to stop by SC. Let’s hope he uses the opportunity to speak about the issues that will matter most to Californians this November when we take to the polls.

  3. Tyler
    Tyler says:

    Only thing I’m going to comment on is how everyone refers to him as Obama. Even the DT refers to him as Obama. When you get elected as President you should always be referred to as President so and so. Clearly, if Barbara Boxer were elected President she would make people call her that name :)

    • Estella
      Estella says:

      Tyler, I agree with your comment. I have noticed that our President is not addressed as President Obama & it bothers me because it shows lack of respect.

      • Adam
        Adam says:

        I also have noticed that a lot of people refer to him simply as “Obama” as well and try to correct myself because it is so common. In the case of the article, in the first sentence he is referred to as “President Barack Obama”. From then on in the article it is completely it is proper to refer to him as simply “Obama”.

  4. Jeannine
    Jeannine says:

    I was an undergrad at USC when President Ford spoke on campus, where I had the opportunity to shake his hand and speak to him. It was one of the highlights of my life, even though I was not a fan of his politics.

    If you don’t realize how significant Obama’s visit is to USC, please don’t share your hate. Stay classy, Trojans.

  5. No political rally at 'SC
    No political rally at 'SC says:

    It maybe an honor for a University to host a U.S. President regardless of whether the University community agrees or disagrees with his policies. But to take part in a rally for Boxer or Brown. Now, that’s a different story. A University should be a neutral ground for students. Politicians should not use the University’s property to rally his/her party. What about hosting a future Presidential debate at USC in 2012?

  6. Mer
    Mer says:

    I’m an alumna and currently live in San Francisco but I will be coming down to see this. What an amazing honor to have him on campus two times in the last five years! I was on his national campaign staff, along with Hillary’s, and I still get a kick out of seeing him speak, especially in the Quad where I had so many great memories.

    Republicans, I can respect that you have a different point of view, but have some respect. The vast majority of the country voted him in, which is much more than you can say about W, considering he didn’t win the popular vote. He’s laboring and struggling to undo all the damage W did, so let’s cut him a break.

    • No political rally at 'SC
      No political rally at 'SC says:

      And you think the vast majority know what they are doing? Give him a break? He was suppose to be ready for the job on day one, remember? If an administration keeps blaming the previous administration(s) for the mess, nothing will get done…and that’s what we are seeing.

    • Diane
      Diane says:

      This is just a pile of nonsense. Most of the damage Obama’s dealing with involves situations he has made worse, not better. However big the majority that elected him (and it really wasn’t “vast”) — a majority of THOSE folks are now wishing they hadn’t. You’ll most likely see exactly what I mean come November.

  7. Diane
    Diane says:

    Not sure it’s big honor to have the worst president in U.S. history show up on campus. I wish he HAD gone to UCLA. He’s both arrogant and incompetent — what’s to celebrate?

    • Gabriel
      Gabriel says:

      You clearly need to study US history if you think he’s the worst president in our history.

      Curious how an “incompetent” president could help pass health care reform that insures 30M+ people, usher through a financial reform package, sign a nuclear reduction treaty with Russia, end the war in Iraq, allow stem cell research in the US, expand rights for Gays and Lesbians, win the Nobel Peace prize, raise the perception of the US abroad, appoint two women to the Supreme Court (one of whom was of a minority never before represented therein), prevent an economic depression, etc, etc… Did I mention preventing Sarah Palin from being anywhere near the Oval Office?

      • Diane
        Diane says:

        Well, Gabriel, when you grow up and start having to pay your way in the world, you will understand why passing health care “reform” is going to drive the already shaky economy completely into the toilet. FAIL. His financial “reform” utterly fails to address the heart of the real problems on Wall Street (a bunch of folks who love his policies, by the way, as evidenced by their overwhelming support for Dems instead of GOP). FAIL. He signed a nuclear reduction treaty with Russia? What? The Cold War is over? Hey Gabriel, ever hear of President Reagan? Good grief. Another FAIL. End the war in Iraq? It’s over? FAIL. Allow stem cell research in the U.S. at the cost of innocent human life? FAIL. Expand rights for gays? Have to admit haven’t seen a lot of this yet, but I think the gay community more or less considers it a FAIL so far. Win the Nobel Peace Prize? That was the biggest joke ever as commentators on all sides agreed. P.S. He hasn’t promoted peace anywhere. FAIL. He’s absolutely damaged relationships with allies and enemies all over the world, but if that’s your idea of “raising” the perception of the U.S. abroad… FAIL. He’s appointed two women to the Supreme Court? Only a liberal would think that it is an accomplishment in and of itself to promote someone on the basis of gender or race. FAIL. Prevent an economic depression? Looked at the unemployment figures, my friend? Good luck getting a job when you leave the cushioned environment you now enjoy. FAIL. Snide comments about Palin? Witty and clever on your part! I’ve never heard anything like that before.


        He’s the worst president ever, as history will bear out. He’s arrogant, thin-skinned and incompetent. Gabriel honey, when the NY Times starts to say things like that, you know Obama’s in trouble.

        • Kay
          Kay says:

          Diane, quit being an angry ignorant person; if your going to be one go to University of Idaho forums. Who started this financial rut? the republicans; what is obama doing? trying to fix it as best he could. The republicans offered NO solution to anything. Why is it that statistically speaking people that hate Obama lack a college degree? it’s because they’re too lazy to actually get up off their butts and figure out whats really swirling around before them. So before you say anything and blame the economy on Obama, read a book

    • Kay
      Kay says:

      God you really take the cake for being a moron. I don’t care what president is coming, a presidents arrival to the University will give it credibility and increase East Coast/world knowledge of the school. The more prestigious the school is, the better the student body. if you can’t respect our commander-in-chief maybe you need to move out of this country–it would increase the average intelligence of America as a whole

  8. David
    David says:

    I’m a proud Democrat, former president of the USC College Democrats 00-02 and let me say many of those dim-witted kids from behind the red curtain in OC couldn’t even get a job working for me!

  9. Best present for a freshman
    Best present for a freshman says:

    Getting to see the President of the United States from your college dorm window? Only a few can dream of that! Guess I’ll be the lucky one!

    Really excited about this.

    Suzanne ’85, get over yourself and grow up. Hosting the President of the United States (be it Curious Georgie or Obama) should be an honor for any University. Be glad that he chose USC and not UCLA or UCI or any of the other campuses.

        • Peter
          Peter says:

          Another fool! They don’t let the president walk around where people can see him from windows. That’s how Kennedy got shot. They actually lock people out of buildings where they can control the windows. Haven’t you ever seen a movie?

  10. Steve Sparkenickle
    Steve Sparkenickle says:

    I am hoping Obama stays around long enough to take part in our daily 4:20 celebration in New North

  11. Wow...
    Wow... says:

    Not many people get to say that the current president visited their college when they were students. On that note, I’ll say that I am quite excited for next Friday.

    • Mike Oxbig
      Mike Oxbig says:

      Ah, so you’ll be one of those fascists who populated the school along with dim-witted legacy kids from Orange County back in the days when we were nowhere in the national rankings.

      Oh, and for the record, the correct term is alumna if you’re female, alumnus if you’re male. Alum is a chemical compound.

      • Karen
        Karen says:

        Get a job, pay taxes, then comment Mike…most of the so-called dim-witted kids from Orange County that you so openly loathe will soon be your boss. Better tone down your rhetoric kid

        • Kevin
          Kevin says:

          Let’s be real here, it’s very apparent which kids got into the school because their parents are high-paying alumni. Many of those kids are from Orange County. And most of those kids are in fact dim-witted. If you want to drive the country back into the ditch W made, by all means, vote Republican. I’m kind of liking the progress Obama is making, despite the Reds voting against literally anything he proposes. Advice: don’t bitch about lack of progress when it’s the Republicans’ temper tantrums that are halting the progress.

        • Mike Oxbig
          Mike Oxbig says:


          I did, I do and I did. I’m an alumnus, in my 30s and I’ve spent 9 years in a military uniform. The only people who get to call me kid these days are my septuagenarian parents.

    • Kay
      Kay says:

      I’m ashamed and disgusted that Suzanne ’85 went to USC. I suppose SC didn’t have high admission standards 25 years ago though.

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