Neutral housing needed

There are currently more than 50 universities in the United States  with gender-neutral housing, an option that allows a student to share a room with a student of the opposite sex. USC, however, is not among these institutions.

The preferences of many transgender, gay and lesbian students get lost in a system that houses students based on their sex.

For a university that prides itself on diversity, it’s shocking that USC has yet to enact some sort of gender-neutral housing policy that can extend options for students.

As college students, we all have assumed the right to choose where to live, how to live and who to live with. USC is a haven for many people with varying sexual orientations, preferences and ideas, and this unique conglomeration of people can’t fit in pre-existing molds. It is the duty of USC to ensure every student enrolled is comfortable.

Trojans for Equality, a club on campus, is drafting a proposal to push for gender-neutral housing. Its request asks for the option to be enacted in the Rainbow Floor,  a special interest residential community at Century Apartments intended for LGBT students and their supportive Allies.

If accepted, the gender-neutral housing would be purely optional, and restricted to only the Rainbow Floor. Trojans for Equality hopes to try to expand this option to the on-campus residential locations in the following years.

This policy, if approved, would accommodate those who have slipped through the cracks of the housing system.

Some fear that gender-neutral housing include would promote promiscuity. Although this concern is valid, it’s important to consider that, at this point in our lives, we have the opportunity to make our own decisions — decisions that shouldn’t be overseen by the administration.

Mellissa Linton is a freshman majoring in English.

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  1. current student/ Proud Trojan
    current student/ Proud Trojan says:

    To the Alum,

    Keep your money, keep your judgment, keep your ignorance. You must be talking about the other USC because the trojan family stays together.

    -Tommy Trojan

  2. Roxana
    Roxana says:

    Very well put Is about time someone speak up for gays . after all we are all human I love your article ..keep it up

  3. Anon
    Anon says:

    To an Alumnus–

    As a transgender student at USC, I find your comment extremely rude and ignorant. You have no idea what it’s like to get weird stares and live with someone who doesn’t support who you have chosen to become. You have no idea what it’s like to live in a society that doesn’t accept who you are. To be able to have ONE place of solace is not childish nor is it an indication of me needing to grow up.

    Take your tax-deductible donations elsewhere. I’d rather pay full tuition than receive financial aid that is comprised of money that you donated.

  4. An Alumnus
    An Alumnus says:

    “It is the duty of USC to ensure every student enrolled is comfortable.”

    Really? Their duty? Maybe it’s time for you to grow up. Your university’s duty is to provide you with the tools to succeed in life. Being accommodated at every turn will not help you achieve this. Sometimes life just isn’t fair, and the sooner that you are able to recognize that your obdurate and mulish campaigns are not supported by the people who surround you on more than a superficial level, you will be much better off.

    Clearly it’s time to find a new place to make tax-deductible donations to; the students here are not what they used to be.

    • In Response to the Alumnus...
      In Response to the Alumnus... says:

      Let me provide a historical example to reveal both the lack of consideration and ignorance of “An Alumnus'” statement…

      I am a proud American who believes firmly that this nation was built on the principles of equal opportunity and equality for all. I believe that our institutions, both public and private, should follow these guidelines as set forth by our nation.

      Not to get too lofty, but your statement of “Sometimes life just isn’t fair…” reveals a deep ignorance which poisons the minds of many adult and youth across our nation, and inhibits any progress towards achieving social cooperation.

      About a half-century ago, Blacks and Whites were still segregated, and despite many Blacks attempts at trying to integrate with their White counterparts, be it in school systems, public places, etc., they were often rebuffed.

      Luckily, the days of segregation are no more thanks to social advocacy which included both Blacks, Whites, and other groups who finally realized that the system was flawed. Thus, they mobilized as a unit for a common cause, social equality for all.

      I am not trying to parallel the issues of gender neutral housing and racial equality. I am just saying that your comment, “the sooner that you are able to recognize that your obdurate and mulish campaigns are not supported by the people who surround you on more than a superficial level, you will be much better off” reflects these prejudiced comments which stood in the way of achieving social equality.

      Your views still stand in the way today.

      As “An Alumnus” of USC, you are antiquated in your thinking, and your views do not represent the progressivism that the University champions.

    • Proud Trojan
      Proud Trojan says:

      It’s true. We’re not like the old USC student body. We’re better. We’re progressive and tolerant, and we’re much more diverse. It’s no surprise why the academic ranks are much higher, the standards to get accepted are significantly better, the recent alumni are doing well, more people want to go to USC, etc.

      I think we NEED at least one housing area that offers gender-neutral options. I get why there is opposition to the idea (people will have sex), but people will have sex regardless. If this decision will help students feel more comfortable, why not make this move?

      And what’s it to you (An Alumnus) anyway? It’s like you’re working hard to make sure people AREN’T happy.

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