USG campaigning already underway

Spring is almost upon us, and at USC the new season means a fresh start for Undergraduate Student Government.
Already we can see campaign posters budding in the grass along Trousdale; that’s because last night at midnight the campaigns began, and the candidates for the upcoming elections were ready to disperse their fresh slogans and cardboard cut-outs.

For the next two weeks, presidential and senatorial candidates will be making their names known and showing their political mettle through debates, rallies and speeches. The presidential debate will be held tomorrow, in the Forum at 8 p.m. Candidates will be making speeches and discussing their plans for the 2011-12 season, and explaining why they should be picked to represent current Trojans.

It will be hard not to notice the campaign proceedings with the ads placed around campus, and with twenty senatorial candidates and three presidential-vice presidential tickets, the buzz will be endless. Even if you don’t have any friends running, by next week you will have some of the candidates’ names branded into your memory.

“Elections are a great way for students to assert themselves and show their involvement. This isn’t high school government, it’s college, and that means the people you vote for will actually be able to affect your life at USC,” said Samantha Fabiano, a member of the Leadership Funds Committee for USG.

Voting takes place Feb. 15 – 17.

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