USG presidential tickets campaign on Trousdale

With the first day of campaigning underway, candidates are already trying to make their marks on campus.

Trousdale is covered with posters representing the different presidential tickets, and it seems to be attracting the attention of the student body.

“I was walking on Trousdale and saw all of the signs so it made me want to check out the debate that’s coming up,” said Diana Troung, a senior majoring in biology. “I think there needs to be more of a commitment to being aware of issues on campus.”

Another student was immersed into the election scene during his breakfast at Parkside.  Michael Garrett, an undeclared freshman, said he was excited a candidate took time out of a busy schedule to personally address issues.

“A candidate came up to me during breakfast and it was really cool,” Garrett said. “I really don’t know much about the campaigns, but I am definitely going to vote because I want to help out campus.”

Some students, however, do not believe USG have a huge impact on the student body.

“I just don’t know if being president or vice president is incredibly important,” said Dana Horowitz, a sophomore majoring in English. “Chris [Cheng, USG president] and Nehi [Ogbevoen, USG vice president] are great, but I don’t really see what USG does.”

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