Kappa Sigma Nationals investigating viral e-mail

A racy e-mail that has spread virally through the Greek community and beyond is currently under investigation by the Kappa Sigma Fraternity nationals.

The e-mail, whose author claims to be a member of Kappa Sigma, asks the members of the fraternity to relate all of their sexual encounters in “Tucker Max format.” Tucker Max writes and blogs about his drunken activities and sexual exploits.

The author of the e-mail refers to women as “targets” for the entirety of the message.

“I will refer to females as ‘targets.’ They aren’t actual people like us men,” the e-mail reads. “Consequently, giving them a certain name or distinction is pointless.”

The e-mail contains a glossary of explicit terms to define males, females and descriptions of body parts. The author of the e-mail also details a way for the members of the fraternity to rate the physical attractiveness of their partners. Women are then categorized by their nationality and ethnicity in the e-mail.

“The content [of the e-mail] is contrary to everything [Kappa Sigma stands] for and we are not going to allow individuals to attempt to tarnish our name in any form or fashion,” said Mitchell Wilson, executive director of Kappa Sigma Fraternity. “We will pursue this as far as we can.”

The full text of the e-mail has been circulated to many students both Greek and non-Greek, and it has been posted on online college gossip sites.

Wilson said he received a phone call Monday from Zach Timm, president of Kappa Sigma at USC, about the e-mail.

“Obviously we are appalled that [the e-mail is] associated in any way with our name because the e-mail is disgusting and offensive,” Wilson said. “We are going to do our best to identify who the author is and hold the person accountable.”

Pat Lauer, president of USC’s Interfraternity council, and Ayushi Gummadi, president of USC’s Panhellenic council, said they were first made aware of the e-mail Thursday.

Though the e-mail purports to have been sent from a member of USC’s chapter of Kappa Sigma to the other members of the house, Lauer said IFC has yet to confirm who sent the e-mail, if the e-mail really was sent from a member of USC’s chapter of Kappa Sigma or how the e-mail was disseminated to the public.

“We have been told and understand that this e-mail was forwarded from another source outside this community, but there have been so many contradicting facts being uncovered,” Lauer said. “At this point we are going to wait for Kappa Sigma’s nationals to conduct their investigation before making any conclusive statements.”

Until Kappa Sigma nationals has finished its investigation, the university and IFC will not decide on a course of action.

Wilson said Kappa Sigma nationals has been in touch with its legal commission, which will investigate if there are ways to go through internet service providers to track the source of the original e-mail.

“Certainly the content is not reflective of our fraternity and we don’t want someone associated with our fraternity who would say such a thing. If there is such a member, he will go through our disciplinary process which could be suspension or expulsion,” Wilson said. “But what we see in some situations are individuals of other organizations or students who were trying to pull pranks put together such types of communication like this to get chapters or members of our organization in trouble.”

Ray Carlos, assistant director of USC’s Office for Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Development, said he does not currently know if there will be repercussions on the university level.

“Until all of the facts are revealed, I cannot speculate on the outcome,” Carlos said.

Lauer said he is disappointed an e-mail like this would be connected to the Greek community at USC.

“The e-mail is repulsive, it’s ridiculous, it’s insulting,” Lauer said. “It’s just really sad that this e-mail doesn’t reflect the standard of any fraternity or chapter in our community. What’s more shocking is that such a respected fraternity’s name is on that e-mail.”

Gummadi said members of Greek houses should remember they are reflections not only of their chapters but of the Greek community as a whole.

“There’s obviously a freedom of speech allowance, but we also have to remind ourselves that when we pledge a fraternity or sorority we commit ourselves to holding ourselves to the highest possible standards of the community,” Gummadi said.

Gummadi said PHC hosted an event in February called “Something of Value” that focused on women fostering positive images. She said PHC will continue to host bi-weekly roundtable discussions to reinforce positive healthy behavior.

“Sexual behavior is based on individual decisions,” Gummadi said. “That said, I think one of the strongest things we can do is be good role models and lead by example. We want to set positive examples in terms of knowing that [women] should have standards, be safe and not engage in risky sexual behavior.”

Lauer said successful fraternities at USC follow a similar model of leadership.

“Younger guys in the house look up to older members who succeed socially, networking with women in positive ways, and create models that people can look up to,” Lauer said. “By creating those self-sustaining models of leadership, we can rid ourselves of [sentiments] like this.”

Lauer and Gummadi believe this incident will serve as a reminder to students about the positive and negative powers of social media.

“It just kind of serves as a lesson that we need to be diligent about what we say on private or public listservs,” Lauer said. “This is a clear reminder that we are always wearing our letters. We as Greeks are a part of something much bigger than our individual selves.”

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  1. melissa
    melissa says:

    HAHAHA!! I almost peed myself laughing. You frat boys actually think that anyone still likes you or cares about you at all? Newsflash: the entire female population has moved on from fratboys to indie rockers. It happened like…um…5 years ago… Or maybe longer. I was watching some old saved by the bell reruns and I think that they were in a frat… SO LAME!!! I cant believe anyone actually takes this seriously. This is just sad so I will help you out: If you want to try to pick up more girls try ditching the khaki cargo shorts and polo with the little moose on it… Pathetic…

  2. Bronamith
    Bronamith says:

    After reading most of this little argument, we can only conclude that George is a worthless GDI and most likely a virgin. All of the feminists of USC are overreacting with a silent protest in front of Kappa Sig. You better believe that if it was my house I would be pouring water on them from the balcony of my frat castle. This was just an email only to be seen by Kappa Sigs, but yet it managed its way out to the public. So what? Go cry about it some more. Sure I don’t support some of the things he said, but they were pretty damn funny. As for the Pikes of USC, I’m in a southern fraternity, and at my university the Pikes have a bad reputation as rapists. Good day to you all.

  3. thomas
    thomas says:

    man people are going over board wit this i mean don’t blame us as a whole it’s the person who started it y don’t we get this irate with the raciest emails or the ethnicity jokes on the internet or women getting naked on the internet people need to chill and let nationals and IFC take care of this there is no need for candlelight vigil those are for the loss of people and are sacred !!!!

  4. Ron
    Ron says:

    The political correctness in the United States is disgusting.

    It is freedom of speech. If these Kappa Sig’s want to think women are objects, then let them think that and just do not talk to them.

    What do you tell a women with 2 black eyes….?

  5. Nick B
    Nick B says:

    For a different side of the story go to jezebel dot com and search “Student Explains Frat Email’s Origins, Alleges Cover-Up.”

  6. Real Investigator
    Real Investigator says:

    Ten Questions Kappa Sigma, IFC and the DT Can’t or Won’t Answer:
    1) Why was Elliot one of the Social Chairs for a house he was not a member of?
    2) How was Elliot able to mass email all members of Kappa Sig when he was not a member?
    3) How much dues did Elliot pay to Kappa Sig since he transferred to SC?
    4) Why did Elliot get kicked out of a house he was not a member of?
    5) How many “unregistered” members does Kappa Sig have?
    6) Why didn’t IFC or Kappa Sig release any proof the email came from Harvard?
    7) Why does the email mention “distinguished gentlemen of Kappa Sigma” when there is no Kappa Sigma at Harvard? Also the email ends with “AEKDB…” same as the bottom of the Kappa Sigma Crest – AEKD(Delta)B
    8) Who is the mystery girl at SC that proofed the email for Elliot back in January?
    9) Why did Kappa Sig and Elliot ask the mystery girl not to talk with the media?
    10) How many minutes did IFC investigate the email and Elliot’s membership status at Kappa Sig before issuing their statement?

    • phiO
      phiO says:

      1) no idea
      2) I’m assuming that even though he wasn’t initiated into the USC chapter of kappa sigma, he was included on the list serve to receive chapter notes/relative information.
      3) No idea, you’d have to see how many semester he was active.
      4) PR move. Even if he wasn’t officially initiated into the fraternity, people would still complain he wasn’t kicked out because they don’t know any better. Unwinnable situation.
      5) Does this really matter?
      6) Considering you already seemed disinclined to believe USC’s released statements, would a picture of the originator’s email (that could easily be phonied up for the press) message satisfy you? Likely not.
      7) I’m assuming it’s because Elliot was writing this message to Kappa sigma, and simply copy pasted it underneath it.
      AEKDB is the public motto. I can go to their wikipedia page and see it. I can also find other fraternity’s public mottos, (hint: they are underneath the crest).
      8) Caitlin Contag
      9) Are you being serious with this question? Have you met with a reporter? They are trained to elicit negative responses from you with probing, biased, and leading questions. They then take these responses and make them into soundbites or quotes, which can spin a story to hell and back.

  7. Matt T
    Matt T says:

    I read the mail, and found it hilarious.

    I also think it’s stupid to attack Kappa Sigma for this email when no one knows if it was even a Kappa Sigma who wrote it.

    My friends who attend USC tell me that most of their friends found the email very entertaining as well. And I think it’s pretty obvious that it’s satirical, and meant as a commentary on what the author thinks of USC frat culture.

  8. rich sorority girl
    rich sorority girl says:

    i love how none of the “frat bros” can’t actually respond to some of the very legitimate questions posed in the comments

  9. Jon
    Jon says:

    There are still few substantial answers available, but one enraged USC student has gone to Jezebel with her version of events. According to the anonymous student, the email was originally written in January. Its author supposedly meant for it to be taken quite seriously and actually did receive gullet reports from his frat brothers. The student expressed her anger at the author, the Daily Trojan, and university officials for the handling of the events in three main points.

    1. the email is real, NOT SATIRE/A JOKE, and 100% originated from USC’s Kappa Sig. I even heard the author actually received “gullet reports.”

    2. The author has been expelled from the frat – but only now that this has come to light. The original email was sent in January.

    3. IFC, Kappa Sig, and the Daily Trojan are obfuscating the facts to try and put the blame outside USC and save the image of the Greek system/the university.

  10. George
    George says:

    It’s really sad how you people try to post with my name especially when its the exact opposite of what I say. The even more moronic thing is YOU JUST POSTED THIS ON THE OTHER ARTICLE. And no, frat boy, I don’t need to apologize for blaming the flawed and dehumanizing Greek system. Especially when people like you give credence to it.

  11. Lag
    Lag says:

    The letter’s author is clearly not right in the head. The author is likely high on pornography.

  12. George
    George says:

    This email was written by someone at Harvard. This was the irrefutable evidence that exonerated that guy from KSig. USC would not dare to falsify information. You honestly believe they would lie to the entire student body? Why would they? They have a lot more to lose, than a single individual. I think everyone owes Kappa Sigma and the alleged author an apology.

    • George
      George says:

      Bro, you posted this on the other site. If you want to try to look like me, you’re going to have to do better than that. And if it’s Harvard, provide us a link. Where is this “irrefutable evidence” you keep bringing up?

      And it’s not USC, it’s the IFC generating this “report.” So, as by your name on the other board, “know the facts” first.

  13. Person
    Person says:

    Are we even sure it was someone from Kappa Sig? I could’ve been someone who hates frats and wants to defame them as much as a brother.

  14. Wow I am speechless
    Wow I am speechless says:

    Some of the comments being posted here would be amusing if they weren’t so offensively infantile. The sexist remarks on the one hand, and the anti-fraternity hysteria on the other leave most of you looking like prejudiced morons. An embarassing day to be a Trojan alum indeed…

    • George
      George says:

      So, since you’re a big alum now, why don’t you be mature and stop attacking *everyone*? Maybe generate an original thought.

  15. Whoops
    Whoops says:

    “‘Younger guys in the house look up to older members who succeed socially, networking with women in positive ways, and create models that people can look up to,’ Lauer said.”

    Networking with women in positive ways? Networking? HAHAHAHA, wow. I’m totally and utterly ashamed! For all these years I assumed that frat parties were events at which frat guys cultivate an environment which makes it easy for them to stick their dicks in girls. I can’t believe they were actually networking with women in positive ways the whole time! Imagine my embarrassment!

    Thanks, Pat. Thanks for dispelling all of my false notions of what fraternity men do with women. Your powerfully persuasive denial of reality is a testament to the type of quality education we all, frat stars and the un-fratty alike, receive at our prestigious university. Go Trojans!

  16. please mind your own business
    please mind your own business says:

    please people, i think the public has taken this far enough. Whatever you say or do will not change the sentiments of college males all over the country, so just let their nationals and the university do what they will and MIND YOU OWN BUSINESS!

    Thanks you.

  17. 15/70
    15/70 says:

    I have heard that the student was a Kappa Sig who transfered from San Diego State. He was likely trying to impress the USC Kappa Sigs with this e-mail… good work. The fraternity or the USC Greek system as a whole should not be dragged down by one guy no matter what he says.

  18. RJ
    RJ says:

    I see from some of these comments that some people learned nothing from the Duke Lacrosse Case five years ago, where after the investigation it was proved no rape actually occurred. I’ll wait for the investigation to conclude to make a judgment on this, and leave the knee jerk reactions and “candlelight vigils” to others and their not-so-hidden agendas.

  19. GreekAlum
    GreekAlum says:

    I was a member of a sorority when I was in college, and the Greek system can be incredibly beneficial when it is used as intended; a place to form bonds, have a sister/brotherhood, support philanthropic organizations, and improve your campus community. However, through the years and through bad individuals, so many Greek Organizations have veered off those original goals and this is incredibly sad. I do think the fraternity as a whole should be punished, they didn’t take any action against the individual when the email was circulating just around their house; in fact I bet there was a lot of back-slapping and a even contributions to the reference “gullet report”. That is complicity, plain and simple. It is only when their brother’s email became public that their president is willing to discuss reprimanding the individual.

    The idea that this may be a joke or satire is completely irrelevant as it addresses an issue that the Greek community deals with on a regular basis; the subjugation of women as conquest. I am sure this is not the first or last fraternity house to issue such a missive, but it is public which opens the door for public discourse on the matter.

    I have known wonderful Greek organizations whose sisters & brothers do strive to uphold themselves to a higher standard of behavior and community service, and I have known Greek Organizations that do just the opposite. It’s time for the University system in tandem with the Greek system to look at how they truly act, and weed out the bad ones.

  20. Frat Boy
    Frat Boy says:

    Now that USC and IFC have finished their investigation and nothing wrong happened, it is time for George and all the other Greek Haters to apologize! Same for the DT who perpetuated the lie. You should all be ashamed!

    I’m Waiting George!

  21. Abir Rahman
    Abir Rahman says:

    I find this very amusing. I call for a Candle light bullsh*t on all the jokes/humor sites with blond jokes, yo mama jokes, little suzie jokes.

  22. GDI
    GDI says:

    Yes, we should not judge the character of an entire fraternity based on the actions of one brother. Yet it seems to me that fraternities are brotherhoods of like-minded men, who are chosen (bids are given out selectively) based on similarities. And let’s face it, social fraternities are based on social interactions — which include partying, having sex, and forming friendships with people who you see commonalities with. So for me, I see this e-mail as something that reflects on the entire house, whether they want to dismiss it as an isolated incident stemming from a single individual that they would rather not associate themselves with publicly (though they probably encourage this sort of dialogue privately)… had this particular brother truly believed that this e-mail would not be well-received by his fraternity brothers, he most likely would not have sent it. But I really do believe that for this brother to have sent out such an e-mail, there had to be a certain level of confidence that it would have been not only well-received but thought to be hilarious (as this is typical of Greek life humor — just take a look at CollegeACB). Let’s not kid ourselves here.

  23. IndianaFraternityMan
    IndianaFraternityMan says:

    Frat on my fellow Greek brothers. Ignore the geeds in their attempt to bring you down!

  24. Bella
    Bella says:

    The USC cover-up is already in the works. IFC has released a complete lie saying the email came from some phantom outside of USC. We women need to let the white male establishment know this is won’t stand!

  25. Not a Trojan, just rational
    Not a Trojan, just rational says:

    Hey everyone, guess what! MEN WANT TO HAVE SEX!! ZOMG! I know, it’s crazy. Deal with it. It’s pretty damn easy to spot these guys when you’re out. The fact is, women LOVE bros like this, especially when they’re drunk. If you want this culture to stop being so pervasive, stop having sex with them ladies. It’s that simple. Don’t give “bros” sex and they will change their attitude. Someone said earlier something along the lines of “MEN are the problem…stop blaming women.” Men ARE the problem… but men haven’t changed for thousands of years (at least on a hormonal level) so expecting a candle-light vigil or a class-action tort lawsuit (which will go nowhere, I assure you) to change the way men have ALWAYS sought multiple partners is insanity (as defined by Einstein: repeating the same action and expecting a different result). This guy is absolutely degrading women, but not every “frat bro” sees women this way. Spend enough time in a locker room or fraternity though, and you’re going to hear many stories that are no more respectful than this. Testosterone is a helluva drug. You say this offended you so what to sue them or dismantle their organization?? To reiterate: this is private e-mail for the members of a glorified boys’ club. You don’t like it? Then don’t read it and don’t go to the row. Live your own life, be your own person, and stop spending so much time dwelling on THEM (hypocritical, I know, since I just spent 10mins writing this).

    Happiness is a state of mind brought on by a series of thoughts, control your thoughts, don’t let others control them for you.

  26. Someone
    Someone says:

    This is heartbreaking, but I just want to encourage you lady USC’ers to not be afraid. Outside the walls of universities, as we all know, this sort of thing also exists. You can find it anywhere. But it’s often a matter of finding it. I’m not saying that you can possibly stay completely safe from harm, but please take care of yourselves – there are precautions you can take to help protect yourselves. We need to have healthy boundaries and be intuitive about who we spend our time with and what we do. We need to be role models for younger generations. We need to even be mindful of what we wear, because believe me, although we all want to be beautiful, we can do that in a tasteful way that is not leading or suggestive. When I was a college student, I allowed myself to be way too vulnerable and was subjected to two instances of assault. Although the actions are not something I take blame for, I could have probably avoided them by watching my alcohol intake, not modeling suggestive behavior (which I would have denied doing back then), and spending my time with people who truly respect others and themselves. I have learned so much since then and I am happily married to an incredible man who loves me.

    Now speaking of men…let’s not forget that men can be wonderful beings. I have the pleasure of knowing literally hundreds of amazing men who have humbly served their families, their friends, and even people around the world simply out of a heart of love and a desire to give. Statistics or individual acts or statements against women don’t mean that men are the world’s problem. Men and women continue to be at odds, even in joking terms, like how differently they think. But what is so often missed is that men and women are meant to complement each other. Men have very distinct characteristics, as do women. Just to name a few, men have an extraordinary ability to protect and lead, and women have an extraordinary ability to influence and nurture. We need each other. Unfortunately, many men AND women use their abilities to self-edify or manipulate rather than to love – not all, but many. We as both genders have the freedom to act responsibly out of respect for those around us and for ourselves. The love and understanding we show toward our counterparts (even those we may disagree with) is what can truly shed light on the simple beauty of our distinctions (and of course just to cover bases, each individual personality and skill is something to be celebrated as well).

    This is more about comments I’ve read rather than the article. Words do carry weight, and I can understand how they can cause a woman at USC to feel fear and anger. And I can also understand the frustration it would cause for an entire fraternity to be seen by fellow students as subject to overall punishment based on one anonymous (and needless to say extremely immature) letter. I pray that this gets resolved justly and that these conflicts between genders get put to rest. (= \

  27. disgusted
    disgusted says:

    The response by Mitchell is classic CYA. They know that Elliott Peter Hamilton wrote the email. They’re just doing damage control so that their frat’s good name (HAH) isn’t tarnished. The only reason they kicked him out is because other people found out. Way to go, Mitchell Wilson!

  28. From Beijing
    From Beijing says:

    I find it interesting that you are all so focused on being politically correct. It’s an unverified E-mail that doesn’t involve you! Your freedom of speech has given you the option to distribute and read such E-mails, so laugh and go on to the next fun thing in life. Here in China, we face imprisonment for mentioning things that “disrupt social harmony.” E-mail, phone calls, and even SMS messages are monitored closely. I’ve had friends of friends locked up because their phone conversations indicated a hint of anti-government sentiment.

    Sheesh, I thought getting on USC’s news website would provide more insightful, meaningful content and discussion.

    • George
      George says:

      Just because someone says something doesn’t make it right. If someone yelled a racist comment at you, would you applaud their free speech or condemn them? Not that hard to figure it out. Your problem is you can’t seem to empathize.

  29. anon undergrad
    anon undergrad says:

    The lesbian population of USC thanks Kappa Sig for sending a few more converts our way.

  30. Mom
    Mom says:

    I hope their next chapter meeting has guest speakers: Their moms, sisters, and grandmas. I’d love to see this “pie-getter” stand and read this letter to his dear mother…and have the other bros boldly defend the letter to the faces of the women they likely love and respect. There’s no need for sanctions against the house, though I hope their national organization sees how desperately this chapter needs a culture change and addresses it internally. That said, not all fraternities are this misogynistic [If the author felt this letter would be well-received, it’s likely he’s not the only person in the chapter to find this line of thinking entertaining, though I’m sure there are bros who experienced a conscience-twinge or four.]

    I hope I’m raising my son well enough to not grow up to spend his college years representing himself – or our family — this way, and I hope I’m raising my daughter with enough self-respect that she’ll choose not to spend her time with people who view her as little more than a “gullet” and “pie.” During my years as a little sis to a fraternity (and also what the author refers to as a “sorostitute”), the bros were truly like brothers. I’m always sad when things like this happen, because it feeds the stereotype of fraternity members as narcissistic, woman-hating troglodytes. Life is not always so black-and-white, and condemning all Greeks isn’t helpful.

    I’m a mom now, and if the author were my son, he’d be pulled out of school and living at home to volunteer with women’s organizations for the next year — though not allowed to troll for dates there — or five…long enough to understand the humanity of women. He may be a legal adult, but he is clearly far from being a “man.” Also, since he specifically testified to need a penicillin shot or two (thanks to some unsafe sex practices with “over 50 pieces of pie”), that poor child needs a little remedial sex ed. That future “7” of a wife he hopes to not eff things up with isn’t likely seeking a fiance with herpes and love letters like this in his past. [Also, FYI, “non-consent” and rape ARE the same thing. He’s got a few years worth of workshops to attend, if National can figure out how to deal with this matter internally.]

    P.S. How is it that digital natives have yet to master the concept that you don’t e-mail people things and assume that *telling* them not to forward them means they won’t?

  31. Bobby Brackins 143
    Bobby Brackins 143 says:

    Yo doe, y’allready know what it izzzzzzz. Is da pussy dere? if it be, lay in dat doe. You don’t know. Y’all don’t know. Ride till we die. 143. flirtatious and shit. Up out da club doe. Late night. Regrettable situation. peace.

    – Brackins

  32. Obviously
    Obviously says:

    If this really shocks anyone then you have never been to a frat party/ met a fraternity member. I was always confused why the university allows them to exist, since they offer absolutely nothing positive, and are gross PR nightmare for the school.

  33. Alan Rae
    Alan Rae says:

    The email crosses the line. The email mentions non-concent and rape are not the same thing. This is legally and morally incorrect. It also promotes the notion that sexual diseases can be treated by penicillin. Irresponsible as HIV is neither treated nor cured by antibiotics. Women in a state of drunkenness encouraged by the email cannot consent either. The racism is indefensible by any standard of humour. Most disturbing and perhaps telling is the reference to women as “its’. This level of misogyny displays a deep seated contempt for women and a massive self esteem issue. It is the language used by sociopaths. At best the author is a sexually unappealing narcissist with a poor sense of judgement and a nasty cruel side at worst someone the school should identify and require a professional assessment of before returning the student to the university environment. The desire would not be to shame the person (they are full of shame always) but to perhaps use the experience to lessen the impulse to create and think such unhealthy thoughts, and to make amends so that the writer might perhaps one day enjoy a healthy relationship with another person.

    • Alan Rae
      Alan Rae says:

      Satire has context. You could defend it as a parody in the Tucker Max vein. But it’s still not a defence. In a New York Times review of an Orson Wells production with an African American lead the headline read “Citizen Coon”. This was broadly acceptable in its day and now is not. This type of “wit’ at the expense of others is now horrifying. This shows an improvement over a much more brutal time. (domestic violence and drunk driving were great gags and shrugged off behaviour as of course was many forms of rape). The email can’t be defended as an attempt at humour because the subjects it treats are longer funny. They were never funny to women and now men have joined women and shared their revulsion.

  34. Ugh.
    Ugh. says:

    You know what’s appalling to me? How few people recognize that this is satire. It was published in the Daily Trojan as an unspeakable act of misogyny, which in turn caused the story to be picked up by various internet rags, Jezebel chief among them. There is an investigation going on, the school and the fraternity have received tons of negative publicity, all because of an e-mail that is ITSELF AN INTENTIONAL COMMENTARY ON MISOGYNY ON THE ROW. Are you guys seriously this thick? You are lending credence and media attention to a non-story. I don’t care if it’s not funny satire. I don’t care if it goes too far. It’s satire. Which means that it is absolutely pointless to get up in arms about it.

    And since I know I will be labeled as a bro mindlessly defending my bros, I should point out that I hate the row and haven’t set foot on it in a year and a half.

    • George fan #2
      George fan #2 says:

      If I understand you correctly, you’re saying that the bro who wrote the email so detests the culture of misogyny rampant on the Row that he spent what was likely several hours writing that “manifesto” solely in an attempt to help dismantle the patriarchy?

      Thanks for giving me my first big laugh of the day! Oh man, I seriously just guffawed.

      It indeed *is* so truly appalling how few people recognize satire, which is clearly far more appalling than the hateful, degrading, misogynist content of the email. Oh, the oppression you rich, white, straight, cisgendered, able-bodied, privileged frat bros must endure! Here, I bought this teeny tiny violin just for you.

    • George
      George says:

      Ugh, you fall under the category of high school students who are trying to use big literary words. You know, those people who don’t know what satire is or always say “I’m speaking ironically.”

  35. Reason
    Reason says:

    As a USC alumnus (from both the College and Gould) I’m very embarrassed about this whole situation. Now most of you may assume that I am referring to the email, but I’m more disgusted with the way that people have reacted to it. Yes it’s absolutely horrible; yes whoever wrote it is a misogynistic pig; and yes it is racist and degrading to women. The truth however, is that we are publicly crucifying an entire organization based on what someone forwarded on a frat listserve. Those things are basically the equivalent of a bathroom stall wall at a Route 66 truckstop.

    I doubt any frat guy has the attention span to write something that elaborate. As someone who was in a fraternity at a time when email was beginning to become prevalent, I saw worse things being forwarded around. It’s the Internet for the love of god. It doesn’t help that behavior like this is glorified by websites like Ask Men and individuals like Tucker Max. It’s horrible, yes, but are people seriously having a candle light vigil in front of the fraternity house because some bro decided to send an email? There are women being stoned to death in the Middle East. Let’s have a candle light vigil at the nearest Mosque. While we are at it let’s protest the German department for teaching a language that was used to disseminate hatred that led to the slaughter of an entire people. We don’t even know how the fraternity reacted to it. For all we know, there probably aren’t any Gullet Reports out there. So much of this public harassment is being based on extremely dubious grounds. Give the guys a break, you’re only promoting stereotypes and making yourselves look like hotheaded radicals by taking such an absurd stance. Unless you act with proof you’re no better than they are.

    • George
      George says:

      Here’s some proof, genius: this comment board. So before you get all up in arms about us condemning not only the content, but also the support, read a little more and stop extrapolating.

  36. Megan Fox
    Megan Fox says:

    If I were a student, parent or alumn I wouldn’t be happy with an impotent symposium on women’s rights. I’d ask USC to hold an assembly for the student body and make the author stand up and read his email out loud and FACE HIS PUBLIC LIKE A MAN.

  37. Mar
    Mar says:

    I honestly found the whole e-mail hilarious, whether it’s a serious e-mail or a total troll. Yes, it’s sort of…disgusting, but that doesn’t mean every frat (and every MAN) is like that. Although, the guy who wrote this is gonna have a real hard time getting any “pie” after being caught.

  38. Shred
    Shred says:

    as offending as the email is I hate to say it but women do this to themselves
    i hope the author of the email gets sued though that would be pretty funny

    • George fan #2
      George fan #2 says:

      > “as offending as the email is I hate to say it but women do this to themselves”

      You’ve got to be kidding me. This victim-blaming attitude is precisely what forms and strengthens the rape culture we live in. No one EVER asks to be raped, just as no one EVER asks to be so antagonistically degraded in the way the author of this email has so degraded women. If you think women have brought this upon themselves, you are in desperate need of a cultural education. How are women to blame for this immature, misogynist email? How do you possibly reason that one?

  39. Candle Light Vigil Tonight!
    Candle Light Vigil Tonight! says:

    We will be silently protesting in front of Kappa Sig tonight at 8pm. We are meeting at 28th and University at 7:45pm. Please try to bring your own candle. Serious like minded men including fraternity members are welcome to join us.

    • Candle Light Vigil Tonight!
      Candle Light Vigil Tonight! says:

      Great news! We will have media coverage from several local television stations and the LA Times. If you can’t make it tonight, be sure and watch the late night news broadcasts to see our efforts against these misogynist pigs!

    • Ben
      Ben says:

      Wait just a minute. Hold the comment presses. A candle light vigil? Does anyone out here think this is completely over the top? If anything, you are giving more credence to the content of the “inflammatory email.” If there ever was a prototypical example of the age old saying about not dignifying something with a response, this is it. What exactly are you accomplishing with a vigil?

      By trying to exploit media coverage using a vigil- something that should be reserved for remembrances- I say you are worse than the bros. If a bunch of bros get together and want to entertain each other through electronic mail, who are you to pass judgement on the content.

      I say we hold a vigil for the loss of the dignity and value of vigils brought on by this inane and futile exercise of supposed moral outrage… the true tragedy here.

      One last point to all the people who are so eager to jump on any train aimed at bringing down the bro-establishment. To bros, the bromail is like keeping a journal. A such, it is critical for the bro as an outlet. A place where he can vent, laugh and perfect their skills of email forwarding. People forward me stupid racist emails about Obama. But guess what, I love Obama and voted him in office.

      An email forwarded to Kappa Sig members speaks NOTHING about the character of the men in that house. You vigil-antes are trying to ruin a safe outlet for the bros. Shame on you. In fact, I have never been more ashamed to be an alum in all the 9 months or so of being on.

      • calm down people
        calm down people says:

        I agree with you completely, Ben. A candlelight vigil is so ridiculously over the top and I feel embarrassed for the people that actually participated. Candlelight vigils are held for the purpose of remembering a person/people who have died or to support people who are in critical condition (e.g. the vigil held by Sig Nu for Jackson Roddy). While I agree that the email was disturbing, we don’t know the context of it… whether it was just a joke among the brothers or if someone in Kappa Sig even wrote it. Regardless, even if a brother did write it in complete seriousness, the bigoted views of one brother does not reflect on the others, and Kappa Sig shouldn’t be derided like this for something that one person wrote. As for the whole media coverage thing, I think the people that see/hear about this will be more entertained by over-the-top, unnecessary activism than be inspired by a vigil over a freaking email.

      • Marie
        Marie says:

        Your clueless, entitled opinions make me sick. How does receiving racist emails contribute to making you a better person, exactly? I’m sure it helps your black brothers to feel right at home too. Guess what, spreading emails that dehumanize women and promote sexual assault is NOT harmless. It contributes to create an environment where females don’t feel safe, and rape goes unreported. I’m sure the poor mother who paid to send this hateful male slut through college is ashamed to have delivered her through her *pie*. Gosh.

        Also, “a place where HE can vent […] and perfect THEIR skills”??? Someone needs to work on his “forwarding” skills, to same nothing of his critical thinking and human decency skills. Grow up already.

        • Just sayin'
          Just sayin' says:

          “…ashamed to have delivered HER through her *pie*.”
          (This should say HIM — then again, gender inequality is the problem, isn’t it?)

          “…to SAME nothing of his critical thinking…”
          (I would tell you that this is a common mistake, but it’s not.)

          By the way, after reading through this comment thread, I feel compelled to point out the fact that George is quick to denounce people for commenting anonymously, while remaining anonymous himself. Way to get out there and take a stand, person-with-one-of-the-most-common-first-names-in-the-country.

          • George
            George says:

            You obviously don’t get my point, so I’ll spell it out for you: would you say any of this garbage in front of a woman, especially one that you care about? Would you be so quick to defend it then?

          • George
            George says:

            Well, I’m just glad you can be “compelled” to point out the irrelevant. Must be a fun way to spend your time. Or, you know, you could actually say something about the disgusting issue.

        • JennyTheFeminazi
          JennyTheFeminazi says:

          you should never feel safe anywhere at any time anyway sister. all men are looking to rape all woman at all times. Give me money for my political campaign and I will make the scary things go away!

      • Jon
        Jon says:

        I think a candlelight vigil is completely justified. It’s a show of solidarity against an institution that has been shown repeatedly to be racist, sexist and homophobic. Hopefully we can get the current administration to pull their already limited political support of the row in the future.

      • George
        George says:

        Another “broll,” but then again who is surprised? When it comes to defending stupid things, you guys sure take the cake!

  40. USC Alum '10
    USC Alum '10 says:

    As a female USC alum, all I can say is that this email appalls and disgusts me on so many levels. I am planning on writing a letter to the university today stating that, if no action against Kappa Sig is taken, I will never give money to the school again.

    It’s a shame this disgusting incident is painting the Greek system at USC in a poor light. I was not a member of a sorority out of personal choice and preference, but many of my friends were in sororities themselves — and my own boyfriend was a member of a fraternity all throughout his time at USC and many of my male friends came from the same house. These individuals were never sexist or promoted such heinous acts against women; actually, I was accepted amongst my boyfriend’s frat brothers and was treated as a social and intellectual equal when I visited the house.

    It upsets me to know that many of USC’s frat members are promoting misogyny like this and it’s even more of a shame the school does little to prevent this. Having a “seminar” on how to treat women doesn’t change inherent social standards many houses preach. Not all houses are terrible — but there are a few known bad eggs around and USC seems to turn a blind eye to the “problem” houses.

    Kappa Sig was always a known problem house, and I recall several other houses being under investigation for date rape during my tenure as a student. The “punishments” USC gave these houses were laughable, and many cases of rape and drugging were dropped by the school. What kind of message does this send to female USC students? I’ll tell you — USC doesn’t care about the safety of female students from predators on the Row. Period.

    Today is a really, really sad day to be a Trojan.

    Oh and PS, frat trolls: I’m neither fat nor ugly nor beat. I think I got laid in college more than half of the pledge idiots who are posting offensive comments here combined.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      Thanks for the clarification that it was your “own boyfriend,” not some other boyfriend, who was a member of a fraternity.

    • Frankie T
      Frankie T says:

      Wow such perspective after graduating a year ago. I’m not surprised you banged lots of guys

    • Sc'er
      Sc'er says:

      To ask for sanctions against an entire fraternity is unfair and entirely ridiculous. The author of the email was stupid, but likely thought he was being funny. Offensive or not, (as locker room talk tends to be) this doesn’t rise to anything close to applying sanctions to entirely innocent members of any frat.

      Your lumping this frat in with frats that have actually been under investigation for rape is what is truly disgusting! How dare you pile on, inferring this house is a problem house. As for punishments for this house, are you kidding, for an offensive email that may or may not have even come from a member of the frat? Only the author should be reprimanded and banished from any affiliation with this fraternity, IF he in fact is even a member.

      I would like to see your outrage when the liberal left brought in Finkelstein, the “holocaust-denier”, yet this man was paid to speak at SC.

      This email issue and blaming an entire frat for one boys stupidity is absolutely ridiculous.

      • Jon
        Jon says:

        Totally disagree. The email is indicative of a large element of frat culture at SC.

        Also, if you call Finkelstein a “holocaust denier” you have little knowledge of his work, and your insinuation of holocaust-denial as a solely leftist cause or talking point is…bizarre, really.

    • Sc'er
      Sc'er says:

      To USC alum10
      You have lost any ability to apply logic to this silly situation. Your comment, that it is a “sad day to be a Trojan”, lacks critical thinking. I mean, are you kidding? One dumb kid writes an offensive email and the entire trojan student body is put in a bad light? You are crazy! And you do more of a disservice to women by bragging about how often you got laid. Wow, like that doesn’t speak volumes about you. So you are proud to be a tramp, but you don’t want guys to think of women in that way, hmmmm, ….crazy is as crazy does.

      Your comment that USC doesn’t care about the safety of female students from “predators”on the Row. What say you? What proof,… oh yeah, cuz you said so. Maybe you are the predator, since you appear to be so proud of getting laid more than half of the pledges. Crazy is as crazy does!

      Again, you are CRAZY! I would be very concerned if people (after reading your comment) assume that all SC students rush to judgment and have no critical thinking skills. But, alas, most intelligent people will understand that your opinion is only that of a loon and this shouldn’t reflect poorly on the student body any more than the the boy who wrote the distasteful email.

      To ask for sanctions against an entire fraternity is unfair and entirely ridiculous. The author of the email was stupid, but likely thought he was being funny. Offensive or not, (as locker room talk tends to be) this doesn’t rise to anything close to applying sanctions to entirely innocent members of any frat.

      Your lumping this frat in with frats that have actually been under investigation for rape is what is truly disgusting! How dare you pile on, inferring this house is a problem house. As for punishments for this house, are you kidding, for an offensive email that may or may not have even come from a member of the frat? Only the author should be reprimanded and banished from any affiliation with this fraternity, IF he in fact is even a member.

      I would like to see your outrage when the liberal left brought in Finkelstein, the “holocaust-denier”, yet this man was paid to speak at SC.

      This email issue and blaming an entire frat for one boys stupidity is absolutely ridiculous.

      • Marie
        Marie says:

        Nice double standard, dude. A male student claims to be some sort of pick up artist and it’s sort of ok (“locker room talk”), but a female reports on having a sex life and she’s a tramp? Wow. Don’t you have any respect for your sexual partners? Do you really believe sexual intercourse is about tricking a woman into degrading herself, something she should be ashamed of?

        Here’s the difference: being proud of an active, fulfilling sex life is fine. Bragging about tricking people you have no respect for (*pies*, *targets*) into sleeping with you is gross and sad.

        Sleeping with you must be really fulfilling, no seriously. Are you a virgin, cause you sound like one. Decent men respect women, that’s why women actually want to sleep with them instead of needing to be tricked / forced into it.

      • PWN PATROL
        PWN PATROL says:


        So if and when it’s revealed that there’s been widespread complicity in perpetrating a cover-up among the Kappa Sigma fraternity members, would it THEN be appropriate to sanction the entire frat?
        >>(And just a sidenote: you can stop acting like the frat members are just some blameless victims caught in this mess. Let us not forget who found the email so funny they felt the need to share it with outsiders. “Loose lips sink ships.”)

        Also, for your own good, please stop leveling ad hominem attacks on others’ intelligence and “ability to apply logic.” It’s getting awkward for those of us who can see the not-so-subtle irony in these statements, given that they stem from an individual who willfully deludes themselves. (The fact that you somehow managed to use every logical fallacy known to mankind in a single post adds a whole ‘nutha layer of humor.)

        You, my friend, are in no place to accuse the Alum–or anyone else for that matter–of being “crazy” or “lacking critical thinking,” if you truly believe that the widespread outrage over this incident is without merit.

        Stop with the “may or may not have even come from a member of the frat” shit. If you, Kappa Sig, or the IFC want people to believe that some ~*mysterious Harvard bandito*~ is responsible for the email, that’s fine. PROVE IT. We’re all waiting with baited breath for the email to be traced back to an IP address in Cambridge, Mass.

        **Since you seem to be particularly interested in seeing to it that justice is served in this case, I’ve actually taken the liberty of compiling a more extensive tl;dr list of insights & suggestions that might help get to the bottom of the matter. The addendum is provided via a reply to this post.

    • Sc'er
      Sc'er says:

      To USC alum10
      You have lost any ability to apply logic to this silly situation. Your comment, that it is a “sad day to be a Trojan”, lacks critical thinking. I mean, are you kidding? One dumb kid writes an offensive email and the entire trojan student body is put in a bad light? You are crazy! And you do more of a disservice to women by bragging about how often you got laid. Wow, like that doesn’t speak volumes about you. So you are proud to be a tramp, but you don’t want guys to think of women in that way, hmmmm, ….crazy is as crazy does.

      Your comment that USC doesn’t care about the safety of female students from “predators”on the Row. What say you? What proof,… oh yeah, cuz you said so. Maybe you are the predator, since you appear to be so proud of getting laid more than half of the pledges. Crazy is as crazy does!

      Again, you are CRAZY! I would be very concerned if people (after reading your comment) assume that all SC students rush to judgment and have no critical thinking skills. But, alas, most intelligent people will understand that your opinion is only that of a loon and this shouldn’t reflect poorly on the student body any more than the the boy who wrote the distasteful email.

      To ask for sanctions against an entire fraternity is unfair and entirely ridiculous. The author of the email was stupid, but likely thought he was being funny. Offensive or not, (as locker room talk tends to be) this doesn’t rise to anything close to applying sanctions to entirely innocent members of any frat.

      Your lumping this frat in with frats that have actually been under investigation for rape is what is truly disgusting! How dare you pile on, inferring this house is a problem house. As for punishments for this house, are you kidding, for an offensive email that may or may not have even come from a member of the frat? Only the author should be reprimanded and banished from any affiliation with this fraternity, IF he in fact is even a member.

      I would like to see your outrage when the liberal left brought in Finkelstein, the “holocaust-denier”, yet this man was paid to speak at SC.

      This email issue and blaming an entire frat for one boys stupidity is absolutely ridiculous.

    • umm?
      umm? says:

      USC Alum ’10, you graduated no more than 9 months ago. When did you have the time to accumulate this massive amount of wealth to be able to legitimately donate to your alma mater? i doubt it was because you got a good job, probably because “getting laid in college more than half of the .. idiots … combined” lowered your grades.

  41. Liz
    Liz says:

    wait, i get why this is a terrible, offensive letter and why frat boy and george’s lovers quarrel is straight out of the notebook, but how in the hell can’t anyone ANYONE look at this letter and see it as just a funny, stupid, entertaining message not requiring or even really deserving someone a) battling it or b) defending it?

    • George
      George says:

      By the way, “lover’s quarrel”? Is that all you got out of my points? You are lacking some serious depth on this issue.

    • Frat Boy II
      Frat Boy II says:

      Georgie just isn’t my type. He must have got cut hard in the fall.

      For all your bluster Georgie, Kappa Sig would still take you as they will take anyone.

      • George
        George says:

        Let’s build a public pool out of your and Liz’s combined depth of thought. I’m guessing the water would always be warm.

        • Frat Bro
          Frat Bro says:

          Georgie: I imagine you alone, fat and pimple faced hiding in your dorm room. Do you have an Obama poster or Che flag over your bed?

        • Liz
          Liz says:

          haha, guess i am the only one that finds the letter, combined with your never-ending thoughts on the matter entertaining. i will gladly continue being entertained as you and your fellow intellectuals continue to comment. please don’t disappoint.

          • Liz
            Liz says:

            took all night for you to come up with that, didn’t it? i’m pleased you took me up on the entertainment offer – i beg of you to continue. puns are funny, limericks would be nice too. maybe a haiku? definitely throw in a good alliteration.

          • George
            George says:

            I just laugh at how you find a “terrible, offensive” letter to be “funny and entertaining.” Daddy’s money isn’t being that well spent, I see.

            Frat Boy: what’s to CB? You like “pie,” and Liz probably doesn’t respect herself enough to reject any dude that has to do with pi or any other Greek letter. A perfect match. ^ See sterilization comment first.

            Liz: It’s good to know that you know how to take a side, especially with something that concerns you.

          • Liz
            Liz says:

            oh george. i’m sending you on a quest. one: get laid. two: get a sense of humor.

            actually no, keep being uptight and PLEASE keep talking. i’m so not ready to search for more self-righteous, unnecessarily overdramatic comments on feminism, the collegiate system, fraternity life and how you personally are so much better than everyone else. always stick with what works. also, you should get paid for this. i’ll talk to daddy, see if i can work something out.

          • George
            George says:

            Done and done. Do you actually have something clever to say?

            The way I see it, you’re one of those who has followed your first “suggestion” like this: done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and done and … need I continue?

            I pity you: I’m betting your lack of self-worth has impelled you to get involved with guys from every letter of the Greek alphabet.

            It’s your life. I just present my positions to defend women from this crap – hopefully they don’t end up like you. Calling me “uptight” really is the mature way to disagree with me, of course. Since when is it considered “uptight” to have a little self-respect? Then again, you are in the minority.

          • Liz
            Liz says:

            since when did i say anything worth arguing? walk away george. just walk. because you are going to keep saying things, and i’m going to keep laughing for the sheer fact that i don’t care. which is what this all comes down to. i don’t care, it’s not worth caring about. get over it and move on.

            you were one of those kids that had to start over if they colored outside the lines, weren’t you?

            honestly, the only response you’re going to solicit from this point on is “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”. so if i don’t respond to anything, just assume that’s applicable and inherently my response.

          • George
            George says:

            The funny part of all this is you keep coming back to a page of an issue that you deem irrelevant to you. Truly sad way to spend one’s time.

  42. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Yet another example of why the entire Greek system should be mandatorily sterilized. You are all stupid, hateful sociopaths.

    • Patrick Bateman
      Patrick Bateman says:

      Bitter much…

      We live our live by a higher standard. I mean I’m resourceful, creative, young, unscrupulous, highly motivated, highly skilled. In essence what I’m saying is that society cannot afford to lose me. I am an asset.

      I am fond of the sterilization idea though. In fact, a test that people must pass to procreate would be beneficial to society but something tells me you would not be accepted for this either.

      • George
        George says:

        Something tells me your jump to judgment makes you have just as small a chance, “Sir” Bateman.

  43. Laura
    Laura says:

    lawsuits are over the top, men being the entire problem = over the top, shutting down Greek life is over the top, all Greeks are evil = over the top. the fact is, that email is hard to defend. i don’t think the author was raised that way, I think if his mother saw that, he’d be embarrassed, And I’m sure he’s embarrassed that it’s out. sadly, there isn’t much to be done. if you feel strongly, don’t visit kappa sig or complain to the university. hope this guy grows out of those sentiments, they really are toxic. not the kind of behavior you’d want the world to see or for you to be associated with. I know
    lots of Greeks who are really nice, intelligent, good people, and the person who wrote this email did more than make horrible comments about women, he’s bringing down a lot of people with him. I hope the men of this university are brave enough, man enough, to say that this type of behavior isn’t okay. no more please! makes
    me sad. makes mothers sad. hopefully, it makes
    some of you USC guys sad too.

  44. Bella
    Bella says:

    We have found an attorney who represents women clients who have wronged in similar ways. We are scheduling a meeting to discuss tonight. We will post the location and time later today. Obviously we don’t want to conflict with candle light vigil starting at 8pm

  45. daylightspool
    daylightspool says:

    Unfortunately, I fear there will be no consequences, as these people lie and cover for each other, and USC lies and covers for them too. While at USC, my friends and I attended a midnight screening of 2001: A Space Odyssey which I guess an …SC frat decided to use as a hazing. The boys were rowdy, rude, and causing a scene running naked down the aisles. I complained to the theater staff (The Nuart on Santa Monica Blvd at the 405 – boycott it), and they refused to do anything about it, suggesting that I address the boys myself (Leading me to believe that Nuart was in support of this). So I did, and they told me it was a frat hazing. So I raised hell, calling an anti-hazing hotline and the school administration and emailing everyone I know. Later, their frat reps called to have a meeting with me and put on their best “We are so sowwy” faces and claimed that the frat in question (I forget which one it was) was accounted for that night. I should have raised more hell, but I took the apology, and later the idiot Daily Trojan wanted an interview with me…I ignored their emails. I should have spoken up. In another incident, a professor (The cinematography professor in the film school…can’t remember his name either) inappropriately touched me on the knee in class. He used to have a weird habit of rubbing people’s shoulders and it would freak people out but no one did anything. I called student services and they spoke with me and suggested that I talk to the professor about it privately or else “it could become a big thing” and they would have to take “serious action” if the school intervened. Again, I bought it and spoke with the professor. In retrospect it makes me so goddamn angry. Especially considering that I am still paying back my student loans for my shitty film school “education.”

      • George
        George says:

        And “truth,” you are the one embodying facetious sentiments that this university doesn’t need with regards to this issue. What are you getting out of this? Got nothing better to do?

    • Frat Boy IV
      Frat Boy IV says:

      I had a bad dinner at a good restaurant last week. Should I write a letter and boycott?

    • Chiara
      Chiara says:

      You do not sound convincing.
      you keep going “I don’t know who it was” “I SHOULD have taken action … but alas, I did not”

      So HOOOOW is it USC’s fault?!

      Plus, you do not present an actual argument!
      IF those things actually happened to you, I’m sorry! But that in itself does not reflect badly on the school as a whole.

      I mean, yes, one has to be careful as a woman. and yes, I do that and if there is a problem, I report it. But saying “I had a few bad experiences – this school sucks!” is not constructive or believable. it’s bitter.

      yes, that email was disgusting.
      but nobody knows who ACTUALLY wrote it and don’t take one asshole’s idiotic email as an expression of the feelings of every single frat boy.

  46. Ella
    Ella says:

    While I don’t think the email is evidence that every man in the Greek system is an asshole who adheres to the kind of attitudes/beliefs shown in the email, I do think it is evidence that the entire Greek system has some very important flaws. Having been in a sorority and lived on the row, I can confidently say that the system is highly misogynistic.
    I don’t think the answer is to find the individual responsible and punish them, although I’m not opposed to that happening too. I think that if Wilson and Kappa Sig representatives/members were really concerned about what happened (instead of being concerned about how their image is affected), they would sponsor a number of activities and teach-ins to better educate men about women’s rights. They would look for ways to change the system, to make it more women-friendly, etc.
    But it’s pretty clear to me that the Greek system is rooted in ‘tradition’, which translates to ‘old values’, which translates to misogyny. People recognize it, but they don’t want to take the time and effort to change it.

    • KM
      KM says:

      Thank you Ella, wholeheartedly agree…this should start a conversation among the Greeks and the greater USC community

    • MC
      MC says:

      Yes! Thank you. Not just Wilson/Kapp Sig, but USC’s administration needs to step up and provide better resources for the organizations and academic disciplines that are doing what they can (with what they have) to address these issues.

      I also want to add that all the “good” fraternity members who do not share these attitudes have a responsibility to become the rule, NOT the exception. See something, say something. Talk to your brothers.

  47. anon
    anon says:

    Dana — did you actually read the email before writing this article? “Racy?” Are you kidding me? You write about this email like it’s a bunch of third graders giggling about boobies. Daily Trojan needs to get a real journalism to write about this who will treat it like the serious matter it is.

  48. It's Time
    It's Time says:

    It’s time to close down the entire Greek system. This email and the posts to this article proves they are nearly all bad people and don’t deserve to exist at SC. I would like to propose we hold a candle light vigil every night starting tonight in front of Kappa Sig where we will stand silently until they close down their racist, bigoted and misogynist organizations. I am going to suggest we meet at 28th and University at 8pm and walk down together. I’ll bring enough candles for 10 people. Please try to bring your own candle and snacks.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      All I can say is that I hope this is not serious. While you may disagree with the views expressed in the email, calling for the shut down of a system that 20% of usc’s undergraduates are involved in is a bit ridiculous. From that premise, it is not a significant stretch to call for the closing of USC because of this email but you don’t.

      Fraternities may not be all about “brotherhood” as they purport to be, but the bad apples of the Greek system would surely find another framework to do their bad.

      That being said, I find it interesting that nobody has called for the protection of the author’s free speech. If he had written an email for better treatment of women, and had called men non-humans, and said that all men are evil, then it is likely that this would not have been news.

      • George
        George says:

        I don’t know about a shutdown, but there are some deeply rooted problems in the culture that continually have gone unfixed. I don’t think Kappa Sig, or other fraternities, would have this type of problem if they would prove this isn’t their mindset. They haven’t disassociated from this letter at all except for this one guy. Action needs to be taken – word’s aren’t enough. Lauer can say what he wants, but how do we know he represents all Greeks? After seeing the facetious and pathetic comments on this website from some seriously involved bros, he obviously doesn’t. When’s the last time Greeks held a seminar or some other form of the respectful treatment of women? One would think this wouldn’t be a problem at an elite university like USC, but for some reason it has, and it is embarrassing to us all, especially if this story creeps into national news.

        You say they would find other outlets, which is true. But this outlet doesn’t exactly oppose these putrid sentiments either. It’s not hard to find this out. I think the “brotherhood” mentality is exactly the problem – you do what’s in the “brotherhood’s” interests and appeal to them, which can involve this type of behavior.

        With regards to your last point, duh! You seem to like free speech a lot, but just because you say something doesn’t mean it is always without consequence. Racial slurs are free speech, but they land people in hot water. Why? Because they, like this letter, won’t be tolerated. And why should anybody put up with this? Free speech is always going to be there, but so are accountability and responsibility.

        Calling men evil isn’t news, you’re right. But answer me this: how many times have men been objectified and dehumanized like this in such graphic detail, especially when compared to women?

        • anonymous
          anonymous says:

          “You seem to like free speech a lot, but just because you say something doesn’t mean it is always without consequence.”

          THIS. Feel free to say what you want, but seriously, cry moar if people start to rage at you because of it.

  49. whowroteit
    whowroteit says:

    ok, so I’ve recently read the whole email, and I’ve got to say it is a LOT worse than this article makes it out to be. I encourage people who are interested to know what this is really about to read the actual email, which is easy enough to find. Also, I hope whoever wrote this gets outed asap. I think this person deserves a bit of internet retribution.

    • evan w
      evan w says:

      Fraternities are walking a very fine line. They confer a huge benefit to the people in them and none at all to the community at large.

      This e-mail is both a manifesto of intent and a blueprint for inflicting real and permanent damage on the women of this university and should serve as another piece of evidence that fraternities do nothing but foster and climate of privilege and contempt that makes the world worse for the rest of us. The last thing we need is to let loose another bunch racist bigoted misogynist rapists. Where are we going to put them all? There’s no room The country clubs are all full

  50. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    My only question is why these issues are being raised about this content when it is in an email, as opposed to Tucker Max posting the same shit and it being called entertainment.

    Everyone who is talking about a lawsuit doesn’t understand the concept of legal standing. If he had named you explicitly, then you could Possibly file something but since that didn’t happen, this falls under Free Speech.

    Obviously this guy did a huge disservice to guys at USC who have to fight against stereotypes as it is, but I just wish that instead of giving him the attention he so clearly craves that we could all just move on and forget about it. Behind the shield of a computer screen, people say more offensive things than they would usually. (whether about misogynistic frat guys or sorority girls)

    • George
      George says:

      You may or may not be correct about free speech. But private institutions are a whole different animal. USC (through SJACS) has set its own conduct standards. No one’s out in the clear here.

      And your last point is right on, which is why the Daily Trojan should either validate emails before posts or require they be USC ones. I’m sure the intelligence level would go up.

    • student1
      student1 says:

      they say women are the problem, they say blacks are the problem, they say poor people are the problem.


      who’s filling up our jails? MEN.
      who’s raping our sisters? MEN.
      who’s trying to control us? MEN.

      we should all recognize this email as yet ANOTHER example of the rampant misogyny that is pervading our culture. to promote sexual assault is an incredibly serious offense. it ruins people’s lives forever. there is a problem.

      • Anonymous
        Anonymous says:

        Can’t you see that by making such wide, sweeping statements that you are being just as offensive and ill-informed as the author of the e-mail?

        Men are not the problem as mush as a culture that considers this kind of thing to be entertaining

        I am not sure if you have read the email, and while it is assuredly disgusting, nowhere in it does he promote sexual assault. It would need to say much more specific and damning things than it did

        • anon
          anon says:

          He DOES promote sexual assault, explicitly when he says “Non-consent and rape are two different things. There is a fine line, so make sure not to cross it.” If a woman does not consent to sex, YOU ARE RAPING HER. Implicitly, he promotes sexual assault in his disgusting dehumanization of women.

          • Anonymous
            Anonymous says:

            Yes he Does say that, and while it is horrible and disgusting, he didn’t say anything to the tune of now go out there and have sex with non-consenting women.

            You are right that it is an awful thing to read, but I was talking more in line with a lawsuit, where this statement wouldn’t meet the threshold for the promotion of a crime. If anyone is going to sue him, it will be Kappa Sig, because they are the ones who are enduring this press and negative attention because of his actions.

  51. ATO #1
    ATO #1 says:

    All I see here is a bunch of GDIs complaining. Sorry all of you guys got dinged back in the day. Maybe if you weren’t a bunch of goober nerds it wouldn’t have happened. I know living in a fraternity isn’t as nice as maybe living in Parkside, but we manage.

    Sorry for partying

    • George
      George says:

      It’s not partying. And you’re not listening. GDI or not, there are some out there who can actually respect a woman.

      I’m starting to think all these remarks are because you bros AREN’T getting any – all the posts reflect immature thoughts that wouldn’t be here if you had and fully understood a woman. You’re probably upset about not getting any. Maybe you guys hang out with each other too much, tossing around these belittling ideas, putting on the biggest act. It’s truly pathetic that these little gossip emails are your outlet. Yeah, I said it: man gossip is all this is.

      And the more you and others keep injecting this attitude, the more people are going to associate your little male Greek world with the email and not with the “high standards” of Kappa Sig and the like. Do you care? Maybe not, but USC has its own system of dealing with crap like this. Free speech? Maybe, but it doesn’t mean lack of accountability. Which makes it all the more laughable that you are posting all this anonymously. You wouldn’t be bold enough to say this in public or to a woman’s face, would you? My guess is no.

      So it’s not like we’re off base. People like you just provide all the more evidence. It’s not even womanizing anymore – it’s just plain creepy. That letter transcended beyond cliché sexism: it was complete dehumanization and it even became racial. Whether all these “bro” posts are from the same person or not, it sure doesn’t make a woman feel any better/safer knowing attitudes like this exist at an elite school. USC is better than that – the rest of us don’t need your ilk dragging us down. You’re not a man, and even a boy is pushing it.

      If your attention span was too short to read that, here’s a summary: get a life!

      • ATO #1
        ATO #1 says:

        Easy there Georgie. After taking a look at this article, I think it is fair to say it is created with little factual evidence. At best you are passing judgment onto one fraternity, and with that, the entire greek community. Now while this email certainly isn’t the greatest, you are basing your perception off of information from gossip websites and poor journalism. According to Pat Lauer, there appears to be no actual credible source for the email. It could have been crafted from a club, sports team, or simply one lone individual, and then disseminated. The only clear issue you have is how it was spread. It was leaked fraternity email, but how many times has it been crafted to fit one form or the other. So the best action would be to place blame on an entire community for it. Sounds about right to me. How would you respond if this was something that was spread and leaked by the football team? Would you criticize them for being misogynistic? Would you uphold them to those statements, or think it might have possibly been an email that was passed through them from someone else?

        If you did read this, here’s a summary: go play in traffic!

        • George
          George says:

          Do me a favor and read next time. The fact that you bros post thoughts parallel to those of the letter on here, not to mention anonymously so you can have your little outlet, makes you no better. You’re not exactly disassociating yourself from its intentions – worse: you’re trolling on those who oppose them.

          And now you’re blaming the journalist? When this issue has spread beyond USC? Do a little more browsing.

          The group who did it wouldn’t be as relevant if people like you weren’t going along with it and condemning everyone else (outside of your little bro world) for being disgusted. The fact you label everyone reacting against this as GDI’s sure doesn’t help now, does it? Maybe try to pull some of your buds on here back out of the hole that the frat community has gotten itself into because of this. Their facetiousness on here with regards to the situation is exactly what’s hurting your image. But, no, it must be all our fault for noticing.

          Here’s an experiment for you. Think of a woman you care about, if one exists. Maybe your mom. Plug her into this little letter and see if you get anything out of it.

          And one more thing: be a bit more creative.

        • re: ATO #1
          re: ATO #1 says:

          please stop saying this email is not credible. for all i care, it was made up. the reason we are so outraged is because we KNOW this to be true of frat culture, but fraternities have always denied it despite the evidence being right in our own experiences at the row and on campus. we know that frat culture forces you to treat women like absolute shit, like “targets,” like “-5’s” because they do in real life…

          and we would most certainly hold the football team or anyone else for that matter to the same standard.

          what is more important–upholding your fraternities’ reputation or making sure the women you most care about do not get harmed in the ways they do…

    • USC Alum '10
      USC Alum '10 says:

      Wow. I bet ATO is proud of your trolling.

      Just because someone isn’t a member of a Greek organization doesn’t mean they are “goober nerds.” A lot of people disagree with the inherent misogyny of the Greek system, and this email proves the women-exploiting culture of USC’s frats is alive and well.

  52. George
    George says:

    The Daily Trojan website should verify email addresses. Situations without anonymity are kryptonite to trollin’ bros.

    • Frat Boy
      Frat Boy says:

      Georgie: I would like to see you hook up with fellow chubster MC. She is a man hater and you aren’t much of man. Should work out great!

        • Frat Boy II
          Frat Boy II says:

          Georgie: Frat Boy had to run as he had a date with a Hottie. I’ll be taking things over from here. What is this about you being heavy and lonely? Spill!

    • Sarah
      Sarah says:

      I am a woman and I support every sentiment you have made on this site. After reading that e-mail, it is comforting to know that there are rational and intelligent men making poignant arguments for equality of treatment.

  53. Pike Is Terrible
    Pike Is Terrible says:

    All of these posts are from members of Pike just trying to get kappa sig kicked off the row so they can take their house.

    Not going to happen, Pike. Sorry. You will remain house-less forever.

  54. Shaquila
    Shaquila says:

    Can someone please explain how this is lawsuit worthy? Does Kappa Sigma National even have legal standing to go thru the ISPs to find the original source of this email?

    • MS
      MS says:

      As with the other girls, I am offended and I have suffered emotionally as a result of the content of the email. I no longer feel safe at SC. They need to pay for this!

      • The Reasonable Mind
        The Reasonable Mind says:

        You are so dumb. Like really dumb. Fo real. Can you please stop trying to make this a bigger deal than it is?

        I hope you die. Honestly.

  55. Bella
    Bella says:

    My friends and I are contacting lawyers looking for someone to take on a class action lawsuit against the author and fraternity for this offensive email. Does anyone know any good lawyers who would take this case on a contingency? Maybe Gloria Allred would represent us?

    • MS
      MS says:

      I am totally offended by this email and I want to join the lawsuit. How can we get in contact?

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      I wish you the best of luck, but you have no legal standing to file anything. He didn’t name you specifically, or talk about something that he did to you, so you can’t file a lawsuit

    • Lucia
      Lucia says:

      I think so! She would probably win too!

      I think the most interesting information would come from an investigation of the Frat culture. E.g. finding out exactly what goes on in these organizations. I think that e-mails like this are only the tip of the iceberg.

      men have to realize that women now dominate college, and we have a right and an expectation of basic human/civil liberties. A rape culture systematically promoted by frats threatens those civil liberties.

      Also, this is more evidence that women should be carrying weapons of some sort to protect themselves. It would deter attacks, and we should not count on other people to protect us.

  56. Kristin
    Kristin says:

    That email is disgusting, and just shows how much these frats aim to dehumanize women under the guise of “brotherhood” so they can score homoerotic points with each other. Get a life.

    • TB
      TB says:

      “homoerotic points” Are you calling us fraternity guys closeted gays? I am openly gay and I am a proud member of a fraternity and have no idea what your point is.

  57. MC
    MC says:

    FYI This story has just been picked up by Jezebel, a popular feminist blog, and the actual email (which they posted) is MUCH worse than this article makes it sound!!! It will be national news in no time. This is a HUGE embarrassment for the university. I for one will not feel safe on campus unless the person who wrote this email is kicked out of school and the whole fraternity suspended. Even then, I expect those who do the work on reducing violence against women on campus to step up their game. There is a MUCH bigger problem here beyond what may look like one person’s idiocy to some.

    • Pike #1
      Pike #1 says:

      I completely agree about not feeling safe and that the only answer is that the entire fraternity needs to be kicked off campus. Pike needs a house on the row and I can assure you that you will feel much safer with a strong Pike than a Kappa Sig!

      Jezebel, isn’t that one of the dating sites for heavy girls? I like my meat on my plate, not on my date!

      • Pike #1
        Pike #1 says:

        Hey I went and checked out Jezebel and it is not a dating site for heavy girls. Sorry about that and I meant no offense. I support the whole lesbian lifestyle and consider myself a fan of lesbians who ride Harleys.

      • George
        George says:

        Yes, because Pike’s reputation is MUCH less misogynistic. I’m sure most women here, too classy for Pike, of course, like when meat is NOT in a dude’s brain, like yours. Oh, and posting anonymously – I think I heard something shrivel up.

        How did you get into this university? My guess is money.

      • MC
        MC says:

        You may not believe it, but I do not need the company a strong [fraternity member] to feel safe. I need fewer fraternity brothers to refer to “heavy girls” as undesirable, to make fewer assumptions about lesbian lifestyles, and to educate themselves on women’s position in society before embodying the same attitudes of a rival fraternity that they try to criticize. Maybe then I’ll feel a little safer.

        • Pike #1
          Pike #1 says:

          The front page of the website is lesbian bikers. Are you trying to say Jezebel is not a lesbian web page?

          Hey I’m sorry about the heavy girl comment. I hope that did not hit too close to home.

          • MC
            MC says:

            Thank you for proving my point. And it doesn’t matter how much I weigh: you insult a heavy woman, you insult all women. It’s that simple.

            To university officials, I hope you’re reading this exchange. This demonstrates that the problem is WAY deeper than one fraternity. Even those who have chosen to represent themselves publicly do not have the decency to express an ounce of respect for women. USC as an institution fosters this kind of environment when it does not act, confronted with such blatant misogyny in its name. You have a responsibility to the women on campus (that’s more than half of the undergraduate population!) to follow through with punitive measures against the fraternity responsible for this email AND to increase funding for campus programs and academic disciplines that address women’s inequality!

        • Pike #1
          Pike #1 says:

          MC: I’m sorry if you can’t keep control of your weight. I workout nearly everyday and I don’t eat fast food or drink soda. I take care of my body because I respect myself and my body is a gift from God. Maybe you should come down to the Lyon center for a few hours and see if a little exercise makes you feel better about yourself.

          • AL
            AL says:

            1) thanks for writing your honest thoughts, Pike. it really does reaffirm that the misogyny and hatred we see in the email is not simply the one asshole who happens to be in kappa sig, but rather a deep (and deeply disturbing) part of frat culture.

            2) has every person you have ever cared about and felt any ounce of respect and empathy for always been a man? do you not have either a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a female lover, a female close friend, or any woman upon whom you wouldn’t want to cause harm? have you ever, ever tried to imagine the pain she feels from not feeling skinny enough, from not feeling sexy enough, from feeling too sexy, from being sexually harrassed daily, from being abused and/or raped, from constantly fearing abuse and/or rape, from not being respected in all aspects of life relative to men…

            what do you gain from having these attitudes? and at whose expense…?

          • Anonymous
            Anonymous says:

            Where’s the like button?
            This makes me smile because a pike clearly wrote it.
            To everyone else who feels that these comments reinforce the email– get a life. If you can’t take a joke, you deserve to be upset.

          • Marie
            Marie says:

            Because fat girls don’t deserve respect, they are gross and unf*ckable and therefore their opinion is worthless. Is that the joke? Haha?… I am not fat, and I am offended.

          • George
            George says:

            You know, “anonymous,” I thought people actually laughed at jokes. What kind of sick chuckle do you get out of this one?

        • M.K.
          M.K. says:

          I wanted to say all your comments have been reaffirming to read. I hope this article will spark the necessary conversation around greek culture’s stranglehold over USC student life and how it perpetuates patriarchal oppression.

  58. anonymous
    anonymous says:

    This article is such BS, I don’t even know where to begin. EVERYONE knows who wrote the email and disseminated it to the rest of Kappa Sig. The only question that remains is why the Daily Trojan has decided to cover that fact up with half truths and BS statements by Mitchell Wilson and these other douchebags who clearly care more about their image than the real issue here – the rampant misogyny that permeates the Greek culture.

    Happy International Women’s Day.

  59. Uptight Sorority Girl
    Uptight Sorority Girl says:

    Can someone please post the email or direct me to it on the internet? I have yet to be offended today and this may be my best opportunity.

    Has anyone yet considered a civil suit against those responsible?

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      A civil suit? Against whom?

      The only people with half a case are the members of the Greek community, who are mostly fine people but are perennially spat on by outsiders who see stuff like this and can only see the “rampant misogyny” that mischaracterizes the whole community.

      • George
        George says:

        You know, with a case like this, I’d say the “outsiders” aren’t too far off. Why don’t you try to fix this image instead of just complain and blame the people whose assumptions are getting further built by cases like this?

    • RE Uptight Sorority Girl
      RE Uptight Sorority Girl says:

      Tried to post the link and it was taken down. It’s on Jezebel. Just check it out there.

  60. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Fourteenth Amendment: “Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

    There is nothing else to say. All you “targets” should just stfu.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      And to those who say that USC is not the government and is therefore not bound to respect free speech: keep in mind the controversy from earlier in the year regarding “free speech zones,” which the university eliminated several years ago.

      • George
        George says:

        Well, aren’t you just a big man! Posting anonymously? Coward. USC isn’t the party here. It’s Kappa Sig. Get educated. Their standards have been broken by a coward like you who lives like it’s 1000 B.C. Please stop trying to sound intelligent. It’s an insult to the rest of us.

        • re anonymous
          re anonymous says:

          Maybe someday you will have a daughter, and then you’ll understand why it’s distressing to think of her being addressed as a “target”.

        • Frat Boy
          Frat Boy says:

          Georgie: Funny, I have no concern about you breeding. Some how I doubt it will work out for you.

          • George
            George says:

            You know, the more you talk, the more you prove the points raised. It’s funny how childish you sound. Do you have a name, Frat Boy, or is anonymity the one time you actually want to use protection?

    • Anon
      Anon says:

      Anyone who actually believes the sad rhetoric used in that pathetic email is in need of psychological help before they end up in prison for misjudging the “fine line” between rape and non-consent. You should seek help, if not for yourself, then on behalf of the other half of the population, who have names and are more than just ‘pies’.

    • RE Anonymous
      RE Anonymous says:

      You assume all people commenting against the sickening email are women.

      This isn’t about free speech, it isn’t about a law suit — it’s about this mentality about the objectification of women (in this case to the extreme). It’s clearly something many men believe is appropriate to think and feel about women. That making a decision that “non-consensual” sex isn’t rape. That a woman’s vagina should be judged as a certain kind of fruit by her racial makeup. Clearly you stand in their camp.

      This email got passed around because many men thought it was FUNNY. This isn’t about censorship, or a call for censorship — it is a call for USC administrators to take a serious look at this as something that points to a deeply troubling issue in dynamics between men when they have interactions about women. What they feel is appropriate discourse and language surrounding women, and the level to which they have taken the misogyny and objectification.

      • Frat Boy
        Frat Boy says:

        Whoever posted this email in a public format is the problem not the original author. This email is an example of creative writing and despite the content which you may object to, it was never intended for you to read. If girls didn’t give it up so easy here at SC, maybe this email would have never been written. Maybe the problem here is you?

          • George fan #2
            George fan #2 says:

            George is my hero too! <3 Nothing makes me hotter than a man who respects women and calls out the frat bros for being misogynist, bigoted, privileged douchebags.

        • Human WITH Brain
          Human WITH Brain says:

          oh my god you cannot be serious??!! The problem is the women? If someone is murdered should we conclude that they should have “put up a better fight”? Maybe they should have carried a gun to protect themselves from potentially being murdered. Yes, the victim is clearly the one to blame. Great job.

          • George
            George says:

            “Frat Boy”? Nice name. I like how earlier some “bro” mentioned how frats are mislabeled as “misogynistic,” yet here these bros are multiplying and defending sexism like an ideology.

        • Jennifer
          Jennifer says:

          Sweeping generalizations time:

          Maybe if the men weren’t so obsessed with getting their dicks wet, this email wouldn;t have gotten written.

          Go jack off to Tucker Max, frat boy.

        • Marie
          Marie says:

          Frat Boy, are you for real? Men seeking sex and writing about it in the most degrading way is “creative writing”, but women having sex is denigrating to them? Why is sex fine for men, but an embarrassment for women? Why? Have you ever had sex with a woman? Did you judge your partner for it? Did you think she “gave it up” and lost her dignity, while yours remained intact? How and why? Not only is this a double standard, it makes no sense.

          • George
            George says:

            I’m willing to bet these bros spend more time with each other than with women. And it isn’t too hard to see they are acting like a virgin would, bitter and denouncing the rest of us just because they can’t get any. With that attitude, why should they?

      • Jon
        Jon says:

        @RE anonymous

        Well said. I actually don’t think the original author or any of the posters should be punished. I think this should be put into the large, growing pile of evidence that frat row is an extremely destructive institution at USC. I’m convinced that the only reason it still exists is the substantial amount of old money that would dry up if USC pulled its tacit political support of the row. Eventually, though, it will just be too much of a bad mark on a proud USC community.

  61. Buttons
    Buttons says:

    This is obviously a very important matter and I hope the investigation finds exactly who was responsible and they are dealt with in a appropriate manner for daring to push the envelope of free speech and sarcasm. Heads must roll for this sort of politically incorrect speech! Don’t bother with those who made this private email public as they are doing us all a favor by letting us know what the Greek community is up to.

    • Lucia
      Lucia says:

      There is A LOT of gay sexual behavior that goes on at Kappa Sigma, from what I heard. I knew a girl whose brother almost pledged, and he said to beware of the showers. Seriously. A lot of closet gays will cover up their true feelings/behavior with misogyny and machismo.

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