Prohibiting discriminatory behavior

The Kappa Sigma fraternity at Duke University threw an “Asia Prime” party on February 1, resulting in their suspension by the school. Prior to the party, Duke’s Asian American Alliance brought up complaints, leading to the party being renamed (instead of being cancelled altogether) to “International Relations.” Yahoo! News posted a picture of the e-mail […]

College humor around sexual violence needs to stop

Women at Miami University received a nasty surprise last week when a flier emerged in a men’s bathroom of a co-ed freshman dorm describing the “Top Ten Ways to Get Away with Rape.” The flier featured suggestions from slipping drugs into a girl’s drink to climbing through a girl’s open window, and concluded with a […]

Letter to the editor

College lessons I’ve learned   Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself is a book by Alan Alda I bought when the actor came to campus as part of Visions & Voices, and it encompasses some of the most valuable lessons I have learned in college. Lesson No. 1: No one gets to be at […]