University-wide statement addresses viral email

Michael L. Jackson, vice president of student affairs, sent an email to the USC community Friday regarding the Kappa Sigma email that has gone viral around campus and beyond the university.

“I write to express that the University of Southern California (USC) administration and I are appalled by the anonymous email that has circulated in our community,” Jackson wrote in the email. “It expresses repulsive views, its sentiments and language demean women, and it contradicts the values and standards of our university.”

Jackson said students who were disturbed by the email made the Office of Student Affairs aware of the viral email in early March.

“Once received, we began an immediate investigation into its origin,” Jackson wrote. “We spoke with the leadership of the USC chapter of Kappa Sigma, the group to which the email was originally sent, we consulted with the Kappa Sigma national fraternity, and we questioned the student who was associated with this email.”

Jackson said the university learned through the investigation a USC student did not create the email, and a friend at a university on the east coast forwarded it to the student who sent it to the USC Kappa Sigma listserv. The email was originally sent to the members of Kappa Sigma in November.

“The student responsible for circulating this email has been interviewed,” Jackson wrote. “He has apologized and expressed sincere regret for the incident.”

USC’s Kappa Sigma’s chapter operations have been temporarily suspended so the fraternity can investigate how the email circulated on its listserv and why immediate action was not taken to remove the email.

Jackson said USC Student Affairs’ MenCare program, which began in 2005, will be “[used] to address this situation.”

The letter to students and faculty states the opinions expressed in the viral email are not representative of the university or its values.

“We will continue to work to promote healthy relationships, open dialogue, and respect among the members of the Trojan Family — and, as an extension of our mission, to encourage the treatment of all people with dignity and respect,” Jackson wrote.

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  1. Common Sense
    Common Sense says:

    Hey Daily Trojan, for those of your readership who are not regularly up to date with campus happenings, how about some reporting on what that email was exactly?

    As an editor, how do you not pick up on that? Give yourselves a slap on the wrist for that one.

  2. mamartinez
    mamartinez says:

    Jackson’s letter also said,
    “Chapter operations have been suspended so the fraternity can learn how the email was placed on its listserv and why it was not deleted immediately.”

    > “how the email was placed on its listserv?”
    I think the admin needs IT/internet lessons.

    I have idea about how this made it to the listserv: a member of the listserv *sent* the email. The offending party sent the email; the offending fraternity houses him (and the misogyny the letter communicates).

    > “why it was not deleted immediately [from the listserv? from all the members’ email inboxes? not sure].”
    Again, rudimentary IT lessons appear to be needed.
    And why should it have been immediately deleted/recalled (if possible)? So the sender can be protected?

    Not that I’m shocked a fraternity is objectifying women — I expect that — but this is so absurd my mind is blown.


    • George
      George says:

      Sorry Mr. Jackson, that was my second personality kicking in again. I’ll try to stop stirring up controversy, I just need to try and hold myself back from the keyboard (very difficult though).

  3. The Women of SC
    The Women of SC says:

    Mr. Jackson,

    Why do you take the word of Kappa Sigma and the IFC who have no creditability in this matter? Your statement, much like the IFC statement, is filled with “lawyer speak” and half truths. You may not honestly know the truth but why to do you repeat what nearly everyone knows is not true? Everyone knows the email was written here and not at some university on the east coast.

    Please see that some independent body answers the following questions. Otherwise you are just another powerful male denying women equal justice!

    1) Why was Elliot one of the Social Chairs for a house he was not a member of?
    2) How was Elliot able to mass email all members of Kappa Sig when he was not a member?
    3) How much dues did Elliot pay to Kappa Sig since he transferred to SC?
    4) Why did Elliot get kicked out of a house he was not a member of?
    5) How many “unregistered” members does Kappa Sig have?
    6) Why didn’t IFC or Kappa Sig release any proof the email came from Harvard?
    7) Why does the email mention “distinguished gentlemen of Kappa Sigma” when there is no Kappa Sigma at Harvard? Also the email ends with “AEKDB…” same as the bottom of the Kappa Sigma Crest – AEKD(Delta)B
    8) Who is the mystery girl at SC that proofed the email for Elliot back in January?
    9) Why did Kappa Sig and Elliot ask the mystery girl not to talk with the media?
    10) How many minutes did IFC investigate the email and Elliot’s membership status at Kappa Sig before issuing their statement?

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