Flimsy follow-up coasts in to finish line

After last year’s Toy Story 3 was critically acclaimed, loved by fans and the first animated film to make over a billion dollars, it would have been a great feat for Pixar to outdo itself this year. With Cars 2, however, it seems like the film studio didn’t even try. At first, the thought of […]

Dark of the Moon transforms a successful franchise

Transformers: Dark of the Moon opens with a space battle worthy of Star Wars that introduces legendary Autobot warrior Sentinel Prime (Leonard Nimoy), who crashlands on the Earth’s moon in the midst of the 1960s space race between America and Russia, before promptly jumping to the present to find the Autobots working with mankind to […]

Beyoncé is back 4 more

Three years after she dropped her last album, Beyonce Knowles is back to run the music world. But her ammunition isn’t quite as strong this time. Beyoncé’s fiery return to mainstream pop music this year has been hard to ignore. From her performance during Oprah’s farewell blowout to her American Idol finale showstoppers, the Houston […]

Planning ahead

Orientation Advisers Henessey Garcia, a senior majoring in sociology; Joshua Sy, a sophomore majoring in biological engineering; and Steven Zelezny, a junior majoring in public relations, conference with Scott Flanary, assistant director of orientation, about the day’s events.