International student body is a positive step

We live in an increasingly globalized world.

Generation Z has created an interconnected society, and people will point to Twitter, Facebook and Google-Plus.

USC is making a transition from a primarily Californian school to one that has the largest international student body in the nation.

There are many positive aspects to the ever-growing international population at USC: We can share experiences with people from completely different backgrounds, learn from each other and collaboratively shape USC into the place we want it to be. There is a lot to be said for the value of diversity, for the value of becoming a global scholar.

This international influx benefits the student body and the university as a whole. It can boost the university in future rankings and firmly entrench USC as one of the top academic institutions in the country, led by a in president with an international perspective and an eye toward the future.

With the increased international presence among the student body, the curriculum should extend to become more global in focus. Though the current general education program does emphasize learning about cultures from around the world, there is still a heavy American focus.

As USC grows and broadens its horizons, so too will its classes. Through knowledge inside the classroom, students will be able to understand each other outside the classroom and truly become a cohesive student body.

Ideally, USC will become a beacon for diversity — a place where people from various cultures live, study and grow together.

But there is still work to be done. It’s never a seamless transition from living in one country and moving to another. Barriers do exist, and the collaborative spirit that has permeated in society should be embraced on campus.

The domestic community can make an effort of inclusion, or the international community could be the one to take that step.

Either way, despite difficulties that inherently exist when cultures mix, it’s clear USC is taking a positive step by bringing in its most international class yet.

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  1. Evan Fieldman
    Evan Fieldman says:

    I could not be more pleased with USC embracing diversity, and the Daily Trojan acknowledging the global community of Generation Z. There is unlimited potential for USC and the next generation in this space.

    Keep up the inspiring efforts to make USC a “beacon of diversity.”

    Evan Fieldman (USC Law ’08)
    CEO and Co-Founder of GNRTN Z COACHING (

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