Social ban lifted

The social probation on fraternities has been lifted effective today, according to a letter sent by Vice President for Student Affairs Michael L. Jackson. 

Parties are still only permitted on Friday and Saturday nights while classes are in session.  

The ban has prohibited informal gatherings at fraternities on Tuesday and Thursday nights since April 2011, after several negative events occurred within the Greek community.  

“Your community is working diligently to demonstrate the ability to self-govern,” Jackson wrote in an email to the Greek community. “Stay focused on this important issue. Your leaders are on the right track and are prepared for a restoration social privileges, in accordance with other university policies, without the necessity of the extra level of scrutiny imposed by the social probation.” 

The email reminded Greek students that parties are not allowed to continue beyond 10 p.m. on weekday nights, as specified in SCampus.

The probation was lifted because the Greek community had begun to successfully implement recommendations of the Greek Task Force, which was developed after the ban began.

Jackson wrote that these recommendations would result in a “stronger, more responsible and more respected community.” 

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  1. Good while it lasted
    Good while it lasted says:

    Well, I hope the Greeks enjoyed their day off social probation. Now that we have drunk students falling off frat roofs, I have a feeling that the Row is about to be sanctioned again. Good job, guys!

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    Greek houses should be banned altogether. They try to pass as social gathering spots that do philanthropy and support each students, but are really just places for alcohol, drugs and hooking up. The few that aren’t like that are the “low” houses that no one likes or pays attention to.
    The whole thing is a charade, for example the way they brag that they have higher GPA’s than the school overall. Well that’s because they withhold the information of the poor performing members of the house, either by taking them off of official lists or putting them on house probation, which just means that they can party and do everything else but aren’t counted statistically.
    Greek life, however, is great at teaching girls what they’re only value is in life, and I think we all know what I’m talking about.

    Oh, this is coming from a fraternity brother by the way.

    • Greek & Proud
      Greek & Proud says:

      Just because you know what one house does doesn’t mean you know what all houses do- I was Philanthropy Chair for my house and we contributed a huge amount of time and money to the community during my term. I also earned above a 3.5 those two semesters, along with most of my friends.

      Just because you are unhappy with the decision you made, doesn’t mean you have the right to stereotype and badmouth all of the other houses that you really know nothing about.

      • Matt
        Matt says:

        I didn’t mean to stereotype all houses and all members. I’m just describing the pervasive and popular culture that exists. All the best to you. Wish others were more like you.

  3. Karen
    Karen says:

    The article says that the ban was regarding “informal gatherings” on Tuesday and Thursdays, but it really banned from Sunday afternoon through Thursday evening.

    Also, the article says no parties are allowed except Friday and Saturday nights, yet it also says “parties are not allowed to continue beyond 10pm on weekday nights”. So which one is it?

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