QuASA talks about neutral housing option

In an effort to address questions about gender-neutral housing and bathrooms, the Queer & Ally Student Assembly hosted a Trans Town Hall Meeting on Monday.

Neutral · Queer & Ally Student Assembly held Trans Town Hall Meeting on Monday to discuss gender-neutral housing on the Rainbow Floor at Century Apartments. - Kastalia Medrano | Daily Trojan

A large majority of undergraduate students favor a limited trial of gender-neutral housing, according to a recent Undergraduate Student Government poll. About 80 percent of respondents reported favoring a pilot-program for gender-neutral housing on the Rainbow Floor at Century Apartments. The Rainbow Floor is a special interest residential community for LGBT students and allies that is open to all students.

Several universities have adopted or approved some form of gender-neutral housing, including Stanford, Harvard and Dartmouth.

Michael Kiyoshi Salvatore, assistant director of QuASA, said gender-neutral housing is important because it provides all students with equal opportunities.

“There is a growing number of transgender-identifying students who want to live with members of the same sex,” Kiyoshi said. “The easiest option is to provide gender-neutral housing so they don’t have to go through any legal issues and can live in a safe environment.”

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  1. reza
    reza says:

    yeah anon! I’m gonna guess you’re a middle class white guy and all of your life have been around other middle-class white people.

    being around “other people” means being around people just like you! and peopel that people just like you have discriminated against for centuries!

    yeah i’m gonna defer to their judgment, not yours! as you know, you’re allowed to live on the LGBTQ floor, and the Muslim floor, and the Black floor… but you wouldn’t dot hat, now would you? You’re just happy on your majority white, straight floor!

    • anon
      anon says:

      Funny how the gender-nazi’s only answer is always “you can’t understand because you’re white and straight” — me not agreeing with your argument does not by itself make me wrong — can’t you come up with a better, more convincing argument than playing on racial stereotypes (which you supposedly reject)?

      you’re right, I won’t live on the rainbow floor because even though it is supposedly open to all, it is a “special interest” floor — I’m happy my house is desegregated, and not special interest, which gives me the opportunity to hang out with chinese peeps, black peeps, jewish peeps, muslim peeps, oh, and gays, too.

      I was hoping people who act as white knights and claim to be more open minded than others wouldn’t always resort to stereotypes, calling everyone who disagree with them “straight white” people (as if this were the only justification for disagreeing with your point of view), and implying that straight white people are bigots. right now you are the one behaving as a bigot.

      • Former Trojan
        Former Trojan says:

        Anon, I BACK you UP! and I AM CHINESE! Reza, you’re not better than the forces you oppose. You talk about being against racial stereotypes, but the only people I see continuing racial stereotypes are the uber-sensitive politically correct lefty like you. I wouldn’t live in a “ALL CHINESE” housing if USC made up. I’d rather live in a dorm where I can meet all people, and learn to tolerant them. By separating one people from another, we are indeed segregating different groups of people.

  2. anon
    anon says:

    let’s also have an all chinese housing, so chinese peeps can feel comfortable not having to mingle with others. also an all black housing. also an all jew. muslims too. hey, college shouldn’t have to be about learning to live with people different than us. LGBTQ people are showing us the light. let’s re-segregate!!

    • Christopher
      Christopher says:

      I don’t think gender neutral housing segregates anybody, anon. On the contrary, it brings people together. It allows for anybody to live with anybody else, regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, or gender identity.

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