Letter to the editor

USG presidential candidates respond to missing campaign sign remarks.

In response to the comments made by Jared Ginsburg and Sam Coxe in response to their missing signs, our campaign finds it necessary to respond. The article, titled “USG campaign signs removed from Trousdale without permission” was published Feb. 10.

Ginsburg stated, “There is suspicion, on our part, that there is involvement, not by other candidates, necessarily, but by their supporters.”

Our campaign believes that this is a defamation of character, and we vehemently refute such comments.

We want to reaffirm that the foundation of our campaign is strongly based in our personal, ethical values and we do condemn any disrespectful actions towards any of the campaigns.

Every candidate in this race is working hard to make their dreams for this school a reality. and we thoroughly appreciate our competitors for sharing in our ambition and Trojan Pride.

Stealing signs is a small act and our campaign is about thinking big, dreaming big and stretching beyond petty campus politics.

We have met some amazing students in this process, students that we would be honored to represent and work with if we get the opportunity.

I cannot believe that these inspiring people, many of whom have never even voted in a USG election, would think of  disrespecting the election process nor would we ever do something to jeopardize or undermine our opportunity to represent them.

We are disappointed at the indication of anything to the contrary and would like to reaffirm our unwavering respect for this school and for each and every one of its students.


Julia Riley

USG vice presidential candidate

 Theo Offei

USG presidential candidate

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