Does Lindsay Lohan’s comeback begin now?

Hosting Saturday Night Live Saturday, appearing for interviews on the Today show Thursday and gracing magazine pages, it seems as if Lohan is everywhere.

While this may seem like blast from the past, I can assure you that it is actually the year 2012.

At this point, everyone knows who Lindsay Lohan is. She was a promising newcomer at the cusp of a seemingly incredible career: The Parent Trap, Mean Girls and Freaky Friday were all hits, and soon she was being approached to star in more dramatic fare by Robert Altman and Emilio Estevez.

On top of that, the actress released two rather successful albums, cementing her status as “It Girl.”

Soon after, however, Lohan fell off the deep end. There was her failing to show up to work, rehab visits, jail time, crazy parents and stolen mink coats. Her name became synonymous with “Hot Mess.”

Her descent into laughable territory could arguably have begun in 2005, when Herbie: Fully Loaded and Just My Luck were both critical and commercial bombs.

Since then, Lohan has struggled to find work and publicity has mainly been about her alleged drug and alcohol issues rather than her acting capabilities.

But now it looks as if Lohan is on a career rejuvenation tour. Saturday Night Live surprised many by having her host the March 3rd episode and have had to refute claims that they are simply in need of a rating’s bump.

The early promos for the episode look promising, and if her appearance with Matt Lauer on the Today show is any indication, Lohan finally has her head screwed on straight.

Online commenters have been mean, calling Lohan a washed-up star and unwilling to forgive her for her past mistakes.

However, it’s imperative to remember that Lohan is still technically a young adult, and the mistakes that most young adults make are not usually plastered across news stations and magazines. Her alleged addiction problems mixed with media scrutiny probably perpetuated a vicious cycle that she could not stop until now.

And Lohan isn’t the only star to reboot her career.

Those younger than twenty-five probably know Robert Downey, Jr. as the star of the Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes series, a man who nabbed an Oscar nomination for his role in the hilarious Tropic Thunder and seems to be everyone’s best friend.

Most people don’t realize that fifteen years ago, Downey was in and out of rehab, another lost young soul who threw away a promising career.

Point being said, Lohan deserves another chance. Although she has made numerous lifestyle mistakes over the years, her raw talent is undeniable – even though she should rethink some of her film choices.

Any girl who can pull of a British accent at age eleven is impressive in my book.

So hopefully Lohan does well during her hosting stint. It is truly going to be a crossroads of her career, and if she does well, we may just be willing to let her back into our good graces.

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  1. Luke in Canada
    Luke in Canada says:

    Unlike Scnikes above me, I firmly believe there is a comparative between Lindsay Lohan and Robert Downy Jr. simply because both ended up experiencing the same pitfalls of too much fame and fortune at a young age without proper guidance. Hell, I admit I’d probably be in the same boat if I were the same age had the luxuries they had. Why? Because I’m human!
    Lindsay Lohan is a talent there’s absolutely no question about her acting capabilities. So she made a couple of lousy films, big deal, it’s not like she’s the one that gave them a nod and pat on the back for public release. Unlike us normal civilians, when we have a bad week or day, we suck it up and move on. Unfortunately for people like Lindsay Lohan, it makes national and international headlines. Cut the woman some slack already!
    I’ve always said I felt bad for Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears,Paris Hilton, et al, because they’re everyday people like you and I who happen to have much more priviliges in life than we do but I’m OK with that because that’s what being a celebrity is about. Some people place these folks on such unrealistic pedestals and immediately afterwards start kicking out the bottom from underneath them to watch them fall.
    I wish Lindsay Lohan and every other young celebrity who seemingly get press-bashed out there nothing but the best of luck. I’ll continue seeing them as human beings and not as pieces of property.

  2. Schnikes
    Schnikes says:

    The constant Robert Downy Jr. comparisons are way off base. First off, he can actually act. Secondly, he took time off to focuson his health/well being by conquering his addiction. Then he began proving his talent and worth in smaller roles, WORKING to regain trust and showcase his skills.

    Lindsay doesn’t wantvto work for anything. She’s basically famous for being a failure at life now days and her career was in the tank back on 2006. Since, all she’s done is lie, cheat, steal, drink, abuse drugs, drive under the influence, steal again, drug arrest, failed probation drug tests, probation violation with felony theft, lie again,get kicked out of rehab and community service, etc, etc…..And now, when the end of her probation is in sight (most would be in jail paying for the same mistakes she made multiple times, go figure) she launches a full throttle “comeback” campaign when she hasn’t faced any of her demons? Why does she feel entitled to yet another chance??

    She’s obviously still using and blatantly lying to everyone’s face. Lauer had a corporate muzzle on I suppose because that interview was a joke. Basically, Lindsay’s trusted team has set her up for complete failure along with the ultimate public embarrassment, realizing nobody missed you and your career was dead long before all the shenanigans. Trying to squeeze a few the last pennies out of that used up hag.

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