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COLUMN: The women of Saturday Night Live scare Donald Trump

Two Saturdays ago Melissa McCarthy stepped up to the Saturday Night Live stage dressed in a gray suit and high-forehead wig, unmistakably resembling Press Secretary Sean Spicer before she even walked up behind the mock White House podium. In the next eight minutes McCarthy delivered a scathing parody of Spicer’s press briefings, highlighting idiosyncrasies like […]

Presidential parodies prove more entertaining than actual debates

This past week, the most talked about television moments didn’t come from Glee’s multiple, melodramatic breakups or the much anticipated return of 30 Rock. On Wednesday night, it was President Barack Obama and his opponent Governor Mitt Romney who captivated audiences everywhere during the first of three presidential election debates. Nearly 67.2 million people tuned in to […]

64th Primetime Emmy Awards Predictions

Though the Oscars have always been the most buzzed-about event of awards season — and likely will be for the foreseeable future — they might no longer be the most important. Long thought to be out of touch and subject to the whims of Academy politics, the ceremony’s self-righteous sanctimony and lack of any real […]

SNL finally gives us what we want in season premiere

Live from New York, it’s a show that we can actually relate to! Saturday Night Live’s 38th season premiered this weekend on NBC with a fancy new title sequence, a freshly plucked cast of supporting players and a bevy of hilarious and relevant sketches. While its formula is as tried and true as ever, Lorne Michaels […]

Does Lindsay Lohan’s comeback begin now?

Hosting Saturday Night Live Saturday, appearing for interviews on the Today show Thursday and gracing magazine pages, it seems as if Lohan is everywhere. While this may seem like blast from the past, I can assure you that it is actually the year 2012. At this point, everyone knows who Lindsay Lohan is. She was […]

The wild week in Bon Iver news

Last Tuesday, Bon Iver’s song “Holocene” was featured in a TV commercial for the upcoming Grammys. In the commercial, an idyllic snowy landscape turns into a flock of birds that then turns into a silhouette of B.I. frontman Justin Vernon, and then into the message, “WE ARE MUSIC,” and then into a message advertising the […]