Fast food provides gluten-free options

Even those who aren’t gluten-free have a pretty decent idea of where the hidden protein can be found. You know: Pasta, bread — that sort of thing.

But there are plenty of foods that must be dismissed from your diet that you never even thought would be gluten-central.

If you were healthy beforehand, then ten points for Gryffindor. But if you were like me, and enjoyed your fast food and fried food on the regular, then coming up with a substitute for your mother’s fried chicken is no easy feat.

There’s always the option of frying your meat in corn or rice flour — but it doesn’t exactly have the same feel as classic fried chicken.

It may sound strange, but covering your chicken in cornflakes actually works. It has the crunch, a bit of flavor, and without all the extra unhealthy calories.

For fast food lovers: Five Guys’ menu is almost entirely gluten-free — save the buns. If you’re upset that you can’t get a burger from there, then just double up on their delicious Cajun fries. It’ll ease the pain.

Wendy’s also has a lot of gluten-free options on their menu, unlike my old favorite McDonald’s. Check out Wendy’s gluten-free menu online.