REVIEW: The Founder explores story of flawed McDonald’s founder

Concentrated on the strengths of this man who stole a business from others, The Founder explains McDonald’s founder Ray Croc’s success, engaging the audience to think for themselves if this triumph is extraordinary and worth revering. The movie begins in 1954, as Croc (Michael Keaton) is not yet an underlying force of fast food empire, […]

Gluten eating habits are hard to break

Sometimes — or perhaps all of the time — bad habits are difficult to break. Smoking, drinking, drugs — but what about gluten? Yes, that gluten: The protein found mostly in wheat products. Gluten-free people can indulge in moderation One might assume that when you find out you need to go gluten free, it’s as […]

Fast food provides gluten-free options

Even those who aren’t gluten-free have a pretty decent idea of where the hidden protein can be found. You know: Pasta, bread — that sort of thing. But there are plenty of foods that must be dismissed from your diet that you never even thought would be gluten-central.

McDonald’s launches TV channel

McDonald’s is intriducing its own TV channel — the company announced Oct. 17 it will begin establishing it in about 800 McDonald’s outlets in Central and Southern California in the near future. McDonald’s Channel will target its dine-in customers. It will broadcast local news in addition to entertainment programming. Vimby, a Van Nuys-based digital production […]

San Francisco law leaves Happy Meal makers morose

McDonald’s isn’t so happy about what San Francisco is doing to its Happy Meals. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors banned most forms of the McDonald’s classic Happy Meal on Tuesday as part of a measure that prevents fast-food restaurants from offering toys with kid’s meals if they do not meet certain nutritional standards. Because […]