USC Village dining hall emphasizes health, sustainability

Complete with stained glass windows, a collegiate gothic ceiling and cardinal and gold banners showcasing the Five Traits of a Trojan, the USC Village dining hall has been frequently compared to Hogwarts. However, Chef Nathan Martinez is trying to set it apart as an icon that stands on its own. “We’d rather call it a […]

USC Village debuts a variety of new dining options

The USC Village will introduce new shops, dining options and study spaces for students, adding hundreds of thousands of square feet to USC to invigorate campus life. The USC Village will include an array of food options for students looking for a quick bite between classes this fall. Some highlights include: RANCE’S CHICAGO PIZZA Founder […]

The latest craze: Voodoo Doughnut reaches Los Angeles

Among the many eclectic storefronts at the University CityWalk, one particular shop has caught the attention of visitors across Southern California and all around the world. With a hot pink exterior and a giant replica of its signature Voodoo Doll doughnut, Voodoo Doughnut stands out as one of the newest additions to Los Angeles’ dessert […]

A healthy guide to campus cuisine

There’s a lot of things that matter to us college students — parties, tailgates, football, grades(?), sleep, Netflix — and the most important of all: Food. Food is everything. But, what’s even more important to us? Cheap food. The sad side-effect of said ‘cheap food, however, is that often the cheaper the food is more […]

Tips for organizing a “Friendsgiving” dinner

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and with the brisk wind and chilly temperatures this past week, things are starting to feel festive. One way to cut through the monotony of the days before break is by organizing a pre-Turkey Day dinner with your friends. Though the thought of cooking up a Thanksgiving feast might […]

Preparing for Cinco de Mayo

Congratulations on enduring the last week of classes, Trojans. I can honestly say that this semester has been one for the books, but it is not over yet because we have two weeks of finals and then comes summer vacation. Since this is my last column of the semester, I want to leave you with […]