Fitness technology hinders society’s perception of healthy living

It’s startling to think how little I know about life without technology. From very early on, I looked to the computer for entertainment and additions to my school curriculum. I later relied on my cell phone to communicate with my family and friends rather than talking face-to-face. I’m barely able to navigate campus without a […]

Dual-purpose foods help post-break blues

Ever feel like the world is crashing down on you? That is how I feel about being back at school after what should have felt like a fairly long spring break. But not to worry, Trojans, summer is only six weeks away, and then your freedom begins. Spring break was awesome: I went to the […]

Embrace leftovers with new recipes

Spring break is less than a week away, so students are starting to get a small taste of what freedom is like along with the pressure of having to cram for midterms. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am also cramming to clean out my fridge so that nothing goes to waste — […]

Food is not to be overlooked when organizing weddings

I recently had a strange epiphany: There is something about springtime that makes people fall in love as well as get engaged or tie the knot — at least that is what has been happening in my circle of friends. And quite frankly, it is starting to make me anxious. First, I spot engagement pictures on […]

For the love of bell peppers

I have this thing for bell peppers, especially since I noticed that spring break is about three weeks away and I am nowhere near bikini shape – anyone with me. Bell peppers are my go-to if I’m craving sweets, if I need a snack, if I’m eating late, if I don’t have time to cook […]

Cooking with chocolate for Valentine’s Day

Well, here I am, a single girl on Valentine’s Day. Am I bothered by this fact? Not a bit. Being single is awesome when you’re in a relationship with your kitchen; your heart only becomes broken when you run out of your favorite extra virgin olive oil from Ravece Rotondela, Italy. To be truthful, I […]