A cookie a day keeps your heart in place

Thank goodness Friday has arrived – treat yourself to something sugary. You  deserve it. I am an advocate of sweets; whether that includes ice cream, cupcakes, soufflés, pudding, fruit, macarons or cookies, I believe that everyone should allow himself or herself to have dessert. It’s the beginning of the year, so like myself, many people […]

Tanaya’s Table – Fickle & The Sandwich Smith

Of green tea Arnold Palmers and doughnut sandwiches. Ever eaten a savory sandwich on a doughnut bun? Yes, a DOUGHNUT bun! Now, before you write the idea off, or conjure up thoughts of sugary, glazed, fried dough surrounding your sandwich fillings, hold that thought. Things are not always what they seem, but not necessarily in […]

EVK changes for the better

Over winter break, there were many changes at USC. Security measures were drastically altered; a new health center was opened next to the Lyon Center; new professors were added to the faculty, and more. Though less monumental in scale, smaller changes have not gone unnoticed. Everybody’s Kitchen, better known simply as EVK to those with […]