Nikias contributes to reward

President C. L. Max Nikias is one of the 29 donors to contribute to a $1-million reward for information leading to the capture of suspect-at-large Christopher Jordan Dorner, according to Los Angeles Police Department.

Dorner was named a suspect Wednesday in the murders of Dept. of Public Safety officer Keith Lawrence, 27, and his fiancee Monica Quan, 28. The two were found dead late Sunday night in Lawrence’s car in the parking garage of their Irvine apartment building. An autopsy on the victims determined that they died of multiple gunshot wounds.

Dorner is also a suspect in the murder of a Riverside police officer.

Other donors to the reward include police officer associations, law enforcement departments across Southern California, the Dodgers and Anschutz Entertainment Group, along with six anonymous donors.

The $1 million was raised within 24 hours, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said, through phone calls to the department.

The manhunt for Dorner began last week and has spanned several Southern California areas, including Riverside, Corona, Big Bear, Point Loma and San Diego.

Police uncovered a manifesto written by Dorner, which mentioned Monica Quan’s father, Randy Quan, a retired LAPD officer, along with other LAPD officials. Dorner was fired from the deparment in 2009.

The LAPD also said it will reevaluate Dorner’s firing.

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  1. Mike Langlois
    Mike Langlois says:

    Mr. President. I am so proud of you and being a Trojan. I would like to share my input on the gun laws being considered by Mr. Obama. There are enough laws now that the criminal mind does not consider it a problem. As long as they have access to making money through drug distribution, prostitution, etc… they will always find people that are willing to make money selling arms to the criminal. The criminal will always have more money than the restrictions placed upon them.
    We have digressed in our moral standings as individual. There is no fear of the law, police or even life itself. We see it in our schools. businesses, and our government (local and national). There is no accountability anymore. It is always someone else that caused the problem. We want to sue because we are offended. Children used to behave in this manner. Now it is the norm for adults; so do our children learn.
    May God bless America. Thank you again Mr. President C. L. Max Nikias.

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