Coach Steve Sarkisian apologizes following ‘inappropriate’ behavior at USC booster event

USC football head coach Steve Sarkisian has issued an apology for inappropriate behavior at Saturday night’s Salute to Troy event that was held on campus.

According to event attendees, Sarkisian looked to be inebriated and was slurring his words while he delivered a speech to the crowd that included many USC alumni and donors.

Sarkisian’s speech included dropping an F-bomb when introducing his team. He would also go on to say that a number of teams including 2015 opponents Oregon, Arizona State and Notre Dame “all suck,” according to ESPN.

He, reportedly, was then pulled off stage by Athletic Director Pat Haden and Senior Associate Athletic Director J.K. McKay.

“I sincerely apologize to my players and staff and to our fans for my behavior and my inappropriate language at our kickoff event Saturday night,” Sarkisian said in a statement released on the USC RipsIt Blog. “I have a responsibility to all of them, and I let them down.”

Sarkisian also said that he and Haden had a conversation after the event.

“I met with Coach Sarkisian and I expressed my disappointment in the way he represented himself and the University at out Salute to Troy event,” Haden said in the released statement. “While the details of our conversation will remain between us, I am confident he heard my message loud and clear.”

The Salute to Troy is a booster event that is held annually to kick off the new football season.

The Trojans will kick off their season at home against Arkansas State on Sept. 5 in a non-conference matchup.

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  1. Steve B.
    Steve B. says:

    Right SpikeNLB, like Oregon is a real class act with admitting anyone who can say their name. Who is their biggest name alum? They have to hire a recruiting service to persuade players to come to Eugene with only a slap on the wrist for the indiscretion. Didn’t your boy Chip Kelly get barred from coaching in college for 18 months because of this. Phil Knight’s money keeps the athletic program going along with those terrible looking uniforms a disgrace to good taste. Why oh Why would the Daily Trojan post your asinine comments is beyond my thought process.

  2. Jay
    Jay says:

    He needs to be suspended, fined about 100K, and made to attend AAA, no alcohol during the football season (including recruiting season) or he’s FIRED

  3. SpikeNLB
    SpikeNLB says:

    Typical troajan behavior. No class drunk. Dumbazz says the Ducks suck yet not one team that he coached has ever beat the Ducks. Nothing but a smack talking hasbeen coach doesn’t realize that you win games on the field, not in the bar. What an expensive embarrassment to USC. There’s always next season, LOL.

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