Eli’s DT 4-1-1: Week of 11/2

USC News

Campus Activities

  • Fresh & Easy & Outta Here: Our very own Fresh & Easy grocery store will no longer exist by the end of November. Many Trojans who depended on the 24-hour store face an uncertain future for their food consumption. So long, ready-to-eat meals. We shall miss you!
    • The 411: Fresh & Easy went bankrupt and students don’t know what to do with themselves. In other news, Ralphs is having a great month!

College Life

  • Sweater Weather: Want to celebrate the end of the heat wave in style? Go buy yourself a pumpkin spice latte and relax with this fall music playlist.
  • The 411: Treat yo self, 2015!
  • Nacho Glory: Today is National Nacho Day! I know, right? Who knew?! We’ve got you covered with these 3 recipes to make the best Tex-Mex dish.
    • The 411: What does a nosy pepper do? Get jalapeño business!

Student Voices

  • Long-Distance Love:  “It takes certain qualities to maintain a relationship from afar. You have to be selfless, giving and willing to put someone else before yourself sometimes. Basically, becoming everything that people say our generation is not.” – Jordyn Holman, DT Columnist


Pop Culture

  • Harry Potter Prequel: The internet went nuts this week when Entertainment Weekly released images of the new Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. The 2016 film stars Eddie Redmayne. That’s reason enough for me to buy the pre-sale tickets!
    • The 411: Accio movie premiere!

Bonus: Chipotle

  • Bacteria Outbreak: Chipotle closed down 43 of its restaurants in Oregon and Washington after an E. coli bacteria outbreak caused 39 people to get sick. The company’s stock dropped from $750 to $615 per share. Health officials are working to figure out what caused those people to ingest the bacteria. USC students are working to stock up on burrito bowls in case this spreads any further south.
    • The 411: Based on my own Chipotle intake, I believe I will slowly but surely starve to death. It’s that addicting.

Eli Goodstein is a junior broadcast and digital journalism major. His newsletter, “Eli’s DT 4-1-1,” runs every Friday.