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VIDEO: The collapse of the Pac-12 conference

The realignment frenzy within the beleaguered conference has had ripple effects throughout all of college football and put its future in question. Sammy Bovitz details the fall of the Conference of Champions.

College Football Pick’em: Week of 11/30

Hello everyone, I apologize for the lack of an article last week. Trying to eat as much turkey and stuffing as my stomach could handle magically affected my memory. I blame the tryptophan. But enough excuses, it’s the final week of the regular season. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Five conference championship games. […]

College Football Pick’em: Week of 11/2

Boy oh boy, last weekend was a surprising ending to an already shocking month. Here’s quick summary of all that happened in October: Michigan’s disastrous punt that Michigan State returned for a touchdown as time expired. Miami’s controversial eight-lateral kickoff return that was returned for a touchdown as time expired. Georgia Tech’s blocked kick six […]

Eli’s DT 4-1-1: Week of 11/2

USC News DPS Icebreakers: Department of Public Safety officers began carrying USC football trading cards this past week. Why, you ask? They want to improve their relationship with the greater USC community. I like the sound of that! The 411: DPS is making a big effort to create a safer community. Campus Activities Fresh & […]

College Football Pick’em: Week of 9/14

After last weekend, it’s official: The regular season college football machine is firing on all cylinders as we chug on toward Week 3. Well, unless you’re Auburn or Notre Dame, who are probably thanking their lucky stars right now they limped through last weekend’s games. And oh no, now there are “just” seven Southeastern Conference […]

Eli’s DT 4-1-1: Week of 9/7

USC News Movin’ on Up: For the third year in a row, USC and UCLA have tied in the U.S. News and World Report’s national university rankings. The annual report utilizes data on things like financial aid availability, graduation rates and student-to-faculty ratios. The 411: We moved up two spots while the Bruins stayed in […]