Suspect charged with murder of Joe McKnight

The man who allegedly shot and killed former USC running back Joe McKnight was charged with second-degree murder on Thursday, according to the Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s office.

COLUMN: Newfound success is fuel for the Trojan fire

Last September, on a damp, dreary Friday night in Salt Lake City, Clay Helton squeezed into a tiny room in the bowels of Rice-Eccles Stadium after a devastating, nail-biting loss — one that dropped his team to 1-3 — and answered questions from the media. The head coach lamented how the win slipped away, how […]

USG voting leads to strong democracy

Over the last two years, voter turnout at USC has seen a dramatic decline, indicating an alarming trend of voter disengagement among the University’s student population. After the 2016 Undergraduate Student Government election, the USG elections committee announced that students cast a mere 3,700 ballots — 39 percent less than the year before. Informed voting […]

COLUMN: Centrism is the only path to bipartisanship

Lily Vaughan

Every man to ever hold the office of the presidency has had his own unique style of maintaining it. Each one of them, from former President George Washington to former President Barack Obama, has found a different way of filling the chair. President Donald Trump’s relatively new presidential habits — underhandedly banning religions from entering […]

COLUMN: Confessions of a serial ghoster

Between stints as a serious girlfriend, I was a serial ghoster. In my mind, I owed nothing to boys who I had never met. And so often all they got from me was just that: nothing. When I first got Tinder, I had just exited a year-and-a-half relationship. I was not ready for dating, but […]