COLUMN: Oakland’s move is a betrayal of its fanbase

If it seems like I’ve written this column before, it’s because I have — twice. When the St. Louis Rams moved to Los Angeles last year, I said it was a bad idea. When the San Diego Chargers also relocated to the City of Angels earlier this year, I said the same. I’m going to […]

EDITORIAL BOARD: USC needs undocumented student resource center

On Tuesday, the Hechinger Report published a report looking at what actions different U.S. colleges are taking to support undocumented students. Some of these actions included establishing emergency legal funds, and, of course, declaring themselves sanctuary campuses. In the weeks following the election of President Donald Trump, who ran his presidential campaign relying on the […]

COLUMN: With health bill failure, Obama legacy remains

Lily Vaughan

The political reports of late have often brought news that, at best, can be reduced to a heavy sigh — and at worst, a minor heart attack. However, for Democrats, independents, moderate Republicans and other generally sane individuals everywhere, March 24 was a glorious day: Moments before it was about to hit the (killing) floor, […]

REVIEW: Bäcoshop astounds in aesthetic, but its dishes lack quality

With a chic rustic beach vibe, the small restaurant immediately draws in the audience’s eye: Bäcoshop is aesthetically pleasing in its architecture, interior design and food. However, despite such elements, the restaurant’s food leaves much to ask for. Bäcoshop is located in Culver City, on Washington Boulevard and Irving Place. According to the owner and […]

REVIEW: I Called Him Morgan is a tragic tale of love and jazz

Throughout history, there have been various couples in the music industry who have captured the public eye — John Lennon and Yoko Ono immediately come to mind, and which fan of Kurt Cobain has not heard of Courtney Love? Most casual music fans today, however, would not know of Lee and Helen Morgan, the couple […]