USC jointly files amicus brief in lawsuit against Trump immigration order

USC is one of 31 leading research universities to come out against President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration in an ongoing court case.

On Friday, the universities filed an amicus curiae brief with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in support of repealing the order, which temporarily bans immigration from six majority-Muslim countries. Amicus curiae briefs can be filed by any party with an interest in the outcome of the case and provide additional information for judges to help make their decisions.

USC enrolls the second-highest number of international students of any American university and employs a significant number of faculty from foreign nations. As a result, the University has an interest in safeguarding against legal developments that limit travel to and from the U.S., the brief says.

The brief states that the filing higher education institutions, which include USC, Stanford University, Dartmouth College, Cornell University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and others, benefit greatly from the contributions of the international students and faculty that hail from the restricted countries, and that Trump’s executive order prevents these institutions from creating the most diverse and stimulating academic environment possible.

The University did not immediately respond for comment when asked about the amicus filing.

Trump signed the executive order, which limits travel and immigration from Syria, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Libya, on March 6, after a federal judge struck down the first order that Trump signed days after his inauguration.  Judges in Hawaii, Maryland and Virginia issued injunctions that stopped the most recent executive order from also taking effect.

The brief argues that “the international members of [the universities’] communities contribute to the vibrant campus life, world-class educational offerings and research discoveries for which [the universities] are well known.” It goes on to say that the contributions these students make to campus cultures and intellectual environments are indispensable.

Furthermore, the brief states that the executive order “divides current students and their families, impairs the ability of American universities to draw the finest international talent and inhibits the free exchange of ideas.”

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  1. Commenter
    Commenter says:

    Kudos to USC. For those alums that disagree with this decision there are more than enough of us who support this move. Glad that USC is stepping up to counter this obvious muslim ban in cleaned-up clothing.

    • Benjamin Roberts
      Benjamin Roberts says:

      You still haven’t explained how this is a Muslim ban, considering the vast majority of Muslims in the world are completely unaffected.

      Also, as to the Muslims who are impacted… You’ve failed to explain how that’s a problem. The majority of international terror in the world right now is done in the name of Islam, not just single acts of terror like Nice, London, Paris, New York, Boston, Egypt etc… but also the ongoing war, killing and destruction of groups like ISIS, Hezbollah and Al Qaida. Most of these organizations are centered around the middle east… So it should come as no surprise to normal and intelligent people in the world that any effort to curb such international terror by additional vetting and scrutiny will affect nations from that part of the world… that are.. wait for it… PREDOMINANTLY MUSLIM. One plus one equals two!

  2. BostonTW
    BostonTW says:

    I’m an alumnus (all four years undergrad) who supports our immigration laws and President. This is an outrageous expenditure of university resources. It’s time to stop donating to USC, which apparently cares less about Americans and educating our citizens than receiving tuition indirectly from member states that support Sharia law and terrorism.

  3. Arafat
    Arafat says:

    One wonders whether the powers that be at USC would feel any remorse if a Muslim immigrant kills students here?

    Or will they be like Angela Merkel who hides her head in the Arabian sand while countless German women are raped and brutalized?

    How sad, how pathetic and short-sighted and stupid. All of it just so as to look avant-garde.

  4. Benjamin Roberts
    Benjamin Roberts says:

    I’m beginning to be troubled by my beloved alma mater, and may soon withdraw my annual support. (If necessary, I will encourage my network of alumni to do the same.) The histrionics over a temporary travel ban from a handful of nations, that doesn’t even impact the majority of our world’s Muslims, is beyond the pale. This is a temporary travel ban; not new immigration law. Even the judges who have ruled against it realize that this decision is so squarely within the purview of any sitting president, that they have had to look OUTSIDE the four corners of the document in order to stop it. This sort of judicial overreach is clearly politically motivated and should alarm everyone. Trump isn’t even close to perfect, but what we have going on in our nation right now is total obstructionism. Democrats would stop the President from going to the bathroom if they could.

  5. Thekatman
    Thekatman says:

    Another reason why I stopped donating to the university. I agree with Russell and Lil. President Trump’s immigration order is not a ban, but puts processes I place to more adequately research the backgrounds of new visa requests, and to put in place processes and procedures to track all imm I grants and their status of the visa, green card, student visa, etc…. there are too many illegals in this country who come legally, but have let their status lapse, thus they are illegally in this country. That’s the soft aspect of the order.

    The other side is to ful I you better out the incoming immigrants, but placing a 90 day hold on entrance until their b a cm ground check is confirmed. Theuniversity might be OK with leaving their roots unlocked but we are not. Perhaps ever university board and administrators, I cluck get the university president should leave their homes unlocked 24×7, so that they can prove there’s noth I no to be concerned about.

    This is foolishness at best, by people who should know better. What a disappointment this university has become, thanks to a Nikias and his cohorts in crime. I hope the university will lose federal funding if this continues.

  6. Russell Klosk
    Russell Klosk says:

    As an alumni, appalled the university is taking this action.

    There is no “anti-muslim” ban, that is a narrative being put forth by the extremist left as its ongoing tempertantrum at the election results continues to undermine the country coming together.

    The President, plainly put, has the authority to act on immigration based on national security and has.

    These trivial law suits are a distraction.

    The country has real problems and we should focus on them.

    What has happened to USC?

    • Lil Gochu
      Lil Gochu says:

      What happened to USC?…It’s trying too hard to fit in. It’s trying to jump on the activist-bandwagon. That’s what happened.

    • Dansin Bear
      Dansin Bear says:

      You better checkout his list of more than 50 lawsuits since in office. He is on course to get more law suits than all other Prez combined! We better not be paying for that sobs defense, we already pay a lot more than a million dollars a day to protect Drumpf’s hillbillies for some reason. If they want protection, force the conceded bone heads to move into WH and make them pay for their global travel and Drump’s weekly vacations to that slum in Florida.

      I will never understand why a sane person would ever cast a vote for a confirmed sexual preditor, war hawk, womanizer, insane, racist, serial rapist, mentally incompetent, hate monger, does not pay his fair share of taxes, rips off thousands of people for billions so he does not have to pay it back, thinks a dumb wall will make him safer (is a multi trillion dollar waste of our money), perpetual liar and a disaster at every level that will take America back another 100 years.

      He will never be my Prez! He is so old he will be lucky to live until 2018 and has health issues he is obviously concealing.

      • Russell Klosk
        Russell Klosk says:

        Yes, the temper tantrum of the extremists at the outright rejection of their belief system is staggering. And the long term damage it is doing to our democracy is certain.

        But unless you have given up your citizenship and left the country he is your President and it’s in every human being on earths best interest that he be wildly successful.

        Stop being myopic and selfish and see the big picture.

      • Benjamin Roberts
        Benjamin Roberts says:

        You’re such a tool. Why don’t you spend some time on articulating a reasoned and original argument of your own. Maybe then, you’ll be taken seriously.

      • Arafat
        Arafat says:

        “I feel your pain” after eight years of Obama, for he was the most despicable president imaginable. His embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood, his enabling of Russia’s barbaric support of the Muslim dictator Assad, his tacit support of Hamas, his lies about Islam’s influence in America and across the history of time.

        Eight years of Obama convinced me that a democracy means swallowing hard. I hope you don’t gag. LOL

        • Dansin Bear
          Dansin Bear says:

          Too bad about your brain, Drumpf is working his best to keep Faux the Mush making process at full blast!

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