Local indie bookstores to visit and support

Whether you’re looking for a small business to support or a new spot in the big city to visit, these bookstores offer a little something for anyone interested in expanding their horizons and enriching their minds by reading. From mystery bags to special art collections to engaging programs, these various indie bookstores are all just a 10-minute drive from campus.  

Lyndzi Ramos | Daily Trojan

The Last Bookstore

One of the largest independent bookstores in the world, The Last Bookstore is a must-see, aesthetically pleasing shop, full of corners for photo shoots. In addition to a renowned collection of vinyl records and graphic novels, the Rare Book Annex contains collectible books and art of all mediums. The Dave Lovejoy Art, Gather Yarn Shop, Fold Gallery and Spring Arts Collective galleries are perfect locations for art geeks.

Skylight Books

Lyndzi Ramos | Daily Trojan

Skylight Books curates several exciting features for customers such as author and illustrator-picked virtual bookshelves, the Rabbit Hole and Imaginary Friends reading clubs and book bouquets, according to various thrilling themes. The bookstore also hosts a weekly podcast and in-store author conversations for meaningful discussions about newly published works.

Malik Books

Black-owned store Malik Books focuses on culturally diverse selections of books, gifts and stationery. In addition to a new ongoing podcast called “Malik’s Bookshelf,” the store aims to positively encourage a love of reading to the local community. Through literature, Malik Books connects and elevates the voices of Black and Indigenous people and people of color by displaying relevant history and familiar figures in accessible stories and art.

Lyndzi Ramos | Daily Trojan

Chevalier’s Books

Established in 1940, Chevalier’s Books is the oldest independent bookstore in Los Angeles. In addition to weekly author conversations and book clubs for all ages, Chevalier’s Books offers bilingual poetry nights. Missed out on an event? Event recordings can be found on their YouTube channel.

Larry Edmunds Books

Larry Edmunds Books is a film, theater and art history haven located in Hollywood. Carrying criticism resources and movie photos, Larry Edmunds also hosts screenings, connecting fans with creators and artists. For those wanting to immerse themselves in the city’s history that is the heart of entertainment, Larry Edmunds hosts a remarkable collection worth visiting.