With the rise of USC Village comes a community left in limbo

When the University announced the construction of the USC Village in 2011, it made no shortage of promises. These promises included a range of student housing options to help address skyrocketing rents in the community, the creation of thousands of jobs for South Los Angeles residents and “a wide range of high-quality, affordable retail,” according […]

Getting Sensual: Special Online Supplement

In a unique collaboration with Neon Tommy and USC Annenberg School of Journalism and Communication, the Daily Trojan presents Getting Sensual, a special online supplement focused on intriguing artists in Los Angeles whose approaches to the five senses leads to compelling results. The package was developed in Arts Reporting (Jour 447), an Annenberg led by acclaimed journalist and arts […]

Spring awakening

We’re in the thick of the spring season, but what does that really mean? There’s a lot of talk about rejuvenation and all that jazz but, for the most of us, spring simply serves as a pleasant reminder that only a few more weeks of school remain before the glorious onset of summer. (Maybe “glorious […]

Farmer’s market

Despite the number of farmers markets that continue to crop up across Los Angeles, the trend of locally-grown ingredients sold in a communal setting is nothing new. Though people are more familiar with upscale shopping mall The Grove, the expansive market located just across the way from the glitzy stores is the first and original […]

Get it together

People talk about “spring cleaning,” but a single bout of organization, nor one motivated trip to the Container Store, leads to long-term success. Organization requires the ability to let go of things that no longer have a place in your life or environment, and cleaning up can inspire a more positive mindset and help fade […]

Cook like it’s spring

Spring is here, and what better way to celebrate the arrival of sunny weather than with a bowl of intense, beautiful chilled pea soup? This simple recipe utilizes a few versatile techniques that’ll serve you well even if you want to branch out to use other ingredients — gazpacho, roasted-tomato soup or even fancy pureed […]