General Education: LAC+USC residency pay inequity, Navajo water rights and Architecture’s “stressful” environment

Daily Trojan writers discussed a Keck School of Medicine resident-led campaign for a “fair” contract, water rights legislation in the Southwest, and mounting student concern about communication and affordability at the School of Architecture. Hosted by Shatha Fadul. Written by Norissa Ramirez, Stacey Obodoechine, Benjamin Papp and Shatha Fadul. Edited by Grace Ingram, Benjamin Papp […]

Weekly Recap March 4: Hannah Woodworth and Nivea Krishnan are named the next USG Presidents

Podcast editor Claire Fogarty recaps this week’s DT biggest stories. In this episode, we discuss the Ukraine vigil, USG election results, Jubilee Cafe and the Insomnia Cookies grand opening! Listen through to also get the rundown on some notable A&E, sports and opinion pieces. Be sure to check back next week! Music by Tim Taj […]