Entries by Grace Ingram

A new boba place coming to USC Village, and other stories

A new boba place coming to the USC village from the founder of Cafe Dulce, USG Senate passes a bill amending next school year’s budget plan and an interview with staff writer Nathan Elias about his article on funding cuts for the Center for Active Learning in International Relations.

General Education: Homicides targeting Los Angeles’ unhoused population and other stories

Renovations to “Old” Annenberg, improvements to USC athletic facilities and stadiums, dorm demolitions and a new contract for Keck School of Medicine housestaff. Host Grace Ingram speaks to staff writer Zack Lara, who wrote an article about homicides against the unhoused population of Los Angeles.

Content warning: This episode contains references to violence from 3:37 to 9:26

General Education: USC’s athletic director resigns, Student Health offers summer services and a research project on regenerative agriculture

This week on General Education, host Kevin Gramling recaps two articles about the USC athletic director’s resignation as well as USC Student Health’s summer services. Afterwards, Kevin speaks with staff writer Claire Qiu about her recent article on a pair of USC students’ research project on regenerative agriculture.

General Education: Changes to Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies, water damages to Birnkrant and an interview on philanthropic coffee shop Kind Grounds

This week on General Education, host Kevin Gramling recaps two articles about the new changes to the Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies WIES and the water damages that Birnkrant Residential College is facing due to flooding. Producer Grace Ingram sits down with Erin Walton to discuss her article on Kind Grounds coffee shop. 

Talkin Troy: Rivalry Week Recap

The Talkin’ Troy team looks at the recent matchups between the Trojans and their rival UCLA Bruins across multiple sports. Hosts Stefano Fendrich and Darren Parry also look at the postseason outlooks for USC baseball, men’s tennis, women’s tennis, women’s water polo and beach volleyball.

General Education: Lack of diversity among USC’s tenured faculty, a sustainability town hall and an interview on the University’s fossil fuel divestment

This week on General Education, host Kevin Gramling recaps two articles about the lack of ethnic diversity among tenured faculty at USC and the sustainability town hall hosted Tuesday. Kevin also speaks to finance beat writer Sparsh Sharma about his article on the university’s fossil fuel divestment.