‘Bathrobe Crusader’ starts bathrobe business

Sophomore Josh Barach recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to turn what started as an Instagram joke into a full-fledged business. With a mission to “[change] the world before he changes his clothes,” Barach takes on the persona of “Mr. Bathrobe Crusader” to spread his love of luxury bathrobes. It all started when Barach and his […]

Student starts 3D printing delivery service

Sophomore Kyle Pham made his idea of a subscription-based service that allows people to enjoy 3D printing through a monthly delivery a reality. The only catch — the contents of the shipments are a mystery. On Sept. 15th, Pham officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for his start-up, CubeForme. Each month, subscribers of CubeForme receive a […]

Poll-taking app developed by two students

Two Marshall School of Business graduates are working to make decision-making easier and more efficient through their app Swayy. Andrew Abramson and Andrew Costa met in their first year in the Marshall’s MBA program in 2013. In the fall of 2014, they began creating their app  which helps users make difficult choices through instant feedback […]

Students make app to show activities in LA

Marshall School of Business senior Josh Gorokhovsky and his cousin Jeffrey Morgenstein launched their app Oust in the Apple App store this summer, creating a real-time market platform of activities to do and places to go for Angelenos. The process to create Oust has been in the works since 2013. Morgenstein, a UCLA alumnus, taught […]